• 11 Shows
  • 94 Unique Originals
  • 165 Total Originals Played
  • 52 Unique Covers
  • 67 Total Covers Played
  • 146 Unique Songs
  • 232 Total Songs Played
  • 21.09 Average Songs Per Show
  • 75 One-timers (36 originals | 39 covers)

Shows by State:

  • KY - 2
  • PA - 1
  • DC - 2
  • NC - 2
  • SC - 1
  • FL - 1
  • AL - 2

  • 1 Night Runs: 3
  • 2 Night Runs: 4
  • 3 Night Runs: 0

Most Played (3):

  • Ain't Life Grand
  • All Time Low
  • Bust It Big
  • Chilly Water
  • Dark Bar
  • Disco
  • Driving Song
  • Good People
  • Holden Oversoul
  • Pigeons
  • Pilgrims
  • Porch Song
  • Saint Ex
  • Henry Parsons Died
  • North

Something Special:

  • The Widespread Panic Spring Tour 2011 is announced on January 14th, 2011, including sold out shows in Louisville, Asheville, Columbia, and the return to Oak Mountain. The 25th Anniversary celebration presses on with deep cuts from the song list, an apparent lack of red solo cups, and a whole lot of the Panic we know and love.
  • Longtime crew member and Widespread Panic ambassador Garrie Vereen passes away on February 16th, 2011. Garo's kindness, loyalty and kinship among friends, families, and strangers alike will live on through the memories and hearts of the Widespread Panic community (Garrie Vereen 1961 - 2011).
  • Georgia's House of Representatives and Senate passes a resolution honoring the Athens band to commemorate its 25th Anniversary (May Your Glass Be Filled Video | 02/15/2011).
  • The first band booked at Bonnaroo with the most headlines to date will play again at the 10th annual music & arts festival, featuring Eminem, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys and more (Jambands Article | 02/15/2011).
  • Dave Schools blogs about  “[the] time at Red Rocks when Mikey materialized a double-helix rainbow out of his guitar during Chilly Water” in Confessions of a Jamcruise Convert (Blurt Online Blog | 02/16/2011).
  • Widespread Panic to play The Hangout Festival on the beautiful gulf coast of Alabama (Hangout Festival Artist Video Spotlight | 02/17/2011).
  • The EPIC 2-night run in Athens, GA, marking the 25th Anniversary of Widespread Panic is available on CD, DVD, and via Audio & HD video downloads (Purchase | 02/17/2011).
  • Widespread Panic runs the table for their Silver Anniversary (Honest Tune Review |  02/20/2011).
  • After years of pleading, newly appointed Lighting Director Paul Hoffman flips the switch on the starry backdrop during Space Wrangler, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary shows in Athens, GA. Adding to the oldschool buzz and excitement, the much loved look becomes a full time fixture during Spring Tour.
  • Paul Reed Smith guitars are back! Having seen little stage time since 2006, Jimmy Herring adds a beautiful PRS 513 to his guitar stand for the tour opener in Louisville, KY.
  • The sold out April Fools' day tour opener at The Palace sets the tone for a blistering Spring Tour, where the only foolin' was a 'Knockin' 'Round The Zoo' on a Friday evening. Two highly energetic sets feature the first complete band version of 'Dark Bar', insane improvisation during 'Shut Up And Drive' ('Derby Jam' from Driving Songs, Vol. X) and 'Breathing Slow', 'Folsom Prison Blues' rap and 'Within You, Without You' tease during 'Let It Rock', plus a 'Three Little Birds rap during 'Stop Go' (Listen to 04/01/2011).
  • Night two of Louisville features the first of six, three song encores ('From The Cradle', 'Machine' > 'Barstools and Dreamers') and one of many bass jams out of drums, this one featuring the classic Dave Schools' 'Tears of a Woman' groove. Sunny Ortiz continues to use the steady drone of his E-drum during 'drums' that he instated last Fall (Listen to 04/02/2011).
  • While the 3rd show at Kovalchick Complex has the lowest attendance of the year (approx. 1,200), attendees manage to buy out all the beer before the end of the second set. 'One Kind Favor' includes hints of 'The Other One' and a 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' / 'Spoonful' turnaround jam (Listen to 04/03/2011).
  • John Bell, Dave Schools and John Keane expound on 25 years of longevity, and heading back to where it all began (Athens, GA) to celebrate a milestone (CNN Video | 04/05/2011).
  • Todd Nance brings us up to date on the plan for next year, playing at Wanee, and performing 'Nights In White Satin' after 25 years, against the wishes of Widespread Panic's first record label (Jambands Interview | 04/05/2011).
  • Longtime Widespread Panic fan and founder of Panic Fans For Food Josh Stack takes time to share his thoughts on fans giving back, generating awareness, and a cure for hunger (Mountain Xpress Interview | 04/05/2011).
  • A two night stint at the Warner Theatre in DC opens with a heavy hitting version of 'Greta'. JB delivers the first of two heartfelt nods to Garrie Vereen during 'Gimme', and 'New Speedway Boogie' becomes the only returning big bustout from those played in Athens, GA (Listen to 04/05/2011).
  • Round 2 at the Warner features an 'Ophelia' > 'The Shape I'm In' suite of songs by The Band, and the first of only three guest sit ins on the tour, featuring Ron Holloway on Tenor Saxophone. The DC local rips during a 'Stop Breakin' Down Blues,' complete with 'Give Me Back My Wig' rap, and echos licks with Jimmy Herring on the outro of 'Ride Me High' (Listen to 4/06/2011).
  • Dave Schools explores growing up in Richmond, crossing songs they played off the list, long, hot festivals and celebrating 25 years of Widespread Panic on the radio with WRGW in Washington, DC (Listen | 04/07/2011).
  • JJ Grey & Mofro are the opening act for two nights in Asheville, NC. (04/08/2011 & 04/09/2011)  
  • Widespread Panic pummels a packed house in Asheville! Dave Schools leads off the second set with an 'Iron Man' tease before the band drops into 'The Harder They Come', not played in 672 shows. Two particularly long sets are capped with a 'Driving Song' > 'Heaven' > 'Driving Song', ending with the return of 'Hope In A Hopeless World', last played 152 shows ago. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mumpower (Listen to 4/08/2011)!
  • Sunny Ortiz's thoughts on sharing the stage with his heroes, the town of Asheville and the evolution of Widespread Panic outside of the Civic Center (WLOS ABC 13 Video | 04/09/2011).
  • A brief conversation with Todd Nance over the Athens run and tipping the hat to old times while keeping things fresh, on the way to the second night of Asheville (Swampland Interview | 04/09/2011).
  • Round two at the sold out Civic Center is a real hookup, including a 'Satisfied' rap during 'Barstools and Dreamers', the merciless comeback of  'Quarter Tank Of Gasoline', not played in 778 shows, and a massive 'Arleen' with "granny puttin on her false teeth, puttin' on a striptease." Can't stand it, Granny granny granny can't stand it (Listen to 04/09/2011).
  • Panic Fans For Food Drive raises $3070 and 837 pounds of food in Asheville, NC (approximately 10,000 meals).
  • A quick chat reveals Sunny Ortiz's thoughts on reaching deep into the songbook, a sell-out at the Township Auditorium show and Charlie Daniels (Swampland Interview | 04/11/2011).
  • In anticipation for the return to fan favorite Oak Mountain after 9 years, a notice of potential inclement weather (04/13/2011) develops into risk of high winds, heavy rains, lightning and tornadic activity. As a result, the Friday night show moves indoors to the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center (announced 04/14/2011).
  • The first festival appearance of the year happens at Wanee Music Festival, and features one monster set with a 'Black Magic Woman' tease between what some fans mysteriously call the MoonPie: 'Christmas Katie' > 'Radio Child'. Luther Dickinson adds to 'Stop Breakin' Down Blues', and brother Cody livened up 'Drums' and a bonus encore ("They said we could do one more!" -Dave Schools): 'Are You Ready For The Country?' (Listen to 04/14/2011)
  • Charlie Daniels Band is the opening act in Birmingham, AL. A sixteen hour haul to his next gig prohibits a second collaboration between Charlie and Panic. That's the way you do it, son (Photos by John Bell | 04/15/2011)!
  • Its safe to say fans in Birmingham were 'Feelin' Alright' with Panic bustin' the beloved Dave Mason original off the shelf, last played 748 shows ago! 'Hatfield' > 'Riders On The Storm' (last played 181 shows ago) rains over an indoor crowd during a story teller of a first set. Other highlights include the second only cover of 'Strange Times', by The Black Keys, a monumental jam out of Big Wooly Mammoth, and Sunny's wild E-'Drums' (Listen to 04/15/2011).
  • Tour closer at the notorious Panic haunt, Oak Mountain Amphitheatre features one of the nastiest, most unadulterated openers in recent history; 'Chilly Water' > 'Impossible' > 'Contentment Blues' > 'B of D' > 'Chilly Water'. Pre-90's rockers boxed into their defining song, and all seemingly made for Jimmy Herring. 'St. Louis' > 'Shut Up And Drive' is the first and finest original medley from an album since 'The Take Out' > 'Porch Song', and 'Protein Drink' / 'Sewing Machine' represents the most blissfully jarring cover in the catalog. Add 'Down On The Farm' (LTP 411) smack in the middle; a subtle message to the fans that love 'em and the town that shunned 'em: 'we're back!' and it just doesn't get much better. John Bell soulfully makes a debut out of Leanord Cohen's 'That Don't Make It Junk' in a second set that cleverly brings about 'New Speedway Boogie', an ample closing of 'Red Hot Mama' > 'Tie Your Shoes' > 'Red Hot Mama' > 'Henry Parsons Died', sending away a refined and raucous tour with 'Pilgrims' > 'Conrad'. (Listen to 04/16/2011)
  • Fans vote the Asheville Civic Center two-night run as the best show(s) of Spring Tour 2011 (Poll Results | 04/19/2011).
  • John Bell and Tour Manager Steve Lopez share personal photos (Spring Tour 2011 Photo Album | 04/20/2011).
  • Proshot BJCC & Oak Mountain shows available for download in HD quality and on DVD (Purchase Videos | 04/22/2011).
  • Driving Songs Vol. X features Sound Engineer Chris Rabold's highlights from Spring Tour (Purchase from Live Widespread Panic | 04/29/2011).
  • Proceeds from Jimmy Herring Has a Posse Apparel in the amount of $6,685.33 are donated to Make It Right New Orleans. All proceeds from the sale of Jimmy Herring Has a Posse apparel given on behalf of the Panic Fans House, who've raised upwards of $50,000 towards rebuilding the Lower 9th Ward that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. (05/01/2011)
  • Best wishes and many thanks for your ten years with Widespread Panic to Sound Engineer and manager Chris Rabold, who will now be mixing for Beyonce Knowles!
  • Welcome aboard and best wishes to new FOH engineer Dros, from Austin, TX. See you on the road!


  • ‘Woke up this morning, the morning light in my head. Three little birds on my window seat, singing sweet songs. Singing in pure natural light here. Singing, say don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing... oooh, lawd, gonna be alright. Don’t worry, no don’t worry ‘bout a thing. Oh, that’s my message to you little birds.' during-Stop Go (04/01/2011)
  • 'Smell of the future coming back.' during-Let It Rock (04/01/2011)
  • 'Hello again.' pre-Set II (04/01/2011)
  • 'Alright, welcome to the 3rd quarter.' pre-Pigeons (04/02/2011)
  • 'Babies know the music not the words yet. There is intention there. Baby feel that note all the time. People talking to babies googly, goo words they already use. Baby says, 'give me one day but leave me the fuck alone now. I had to come on this Earth... Lawd, just give me few minutes before you put me to school.' Only know what the people feel-baby leave a diaper for what the people feel.' during-Barstools And Dreamers (04/02/2011)
  • 'Thank you, everybody, for making us feel all warm and fuzzy.' pre-Her Dance Needs No Body (04/03/2011)
  • 'Gimme a lift here, Garrie. And I'll give you a lift then, too. Aw, give me a lift here Garrie... Oh, I'll give you my heart. Give you my heart.' during-Gimme (04/05/2011)
  • 'Remember the Sandbox, there were no strangers in that sand.' during-Walk On The Flood (04/05/2011)
  • 'You all are very close.' pre-Space Wrangler (04/05/2011)
  • 'Baby gimme back my wig, let your head go bald. I didn't mention of it, get away from me at all. Aw baby gimme back my wig. Oh shit I got a bald head, baby. Lawd don't know what to do on a Saturday night.' during-Stop Breakin' Down (04/06/2011)
  • 'A little poetry among friends... not a word was spoken.' during-Hatfield (04/06/2011)
  • 'This town is nuts. No, no it's really... a mess.' during-Postcard (04/06/2011)
  • 'Better love your girl. Oh, love your girl. Wake up now, no one else... Sunny might love your girl.' (04/08/2011)
  • 'Let's see what happens now.' pre-The Harder They Come (04/08/2011)
  • 'Got my karma from Cleveland right to New York.' during-Barstools And Dreamers (04/08/2011)
  • "Hello? Mr. Arleen?.. No sir, no sir. I was not looking out my window through that window that had no curtains, at your daughter who was wearin' no curtains herself... no sir, no sir" during-Arleen (04/09/2011)
  • "Woke up this mornin' what do I see, little girl out the window. Pushed away by her granny. Wish I had some curtains there...granny puttin on her false teeth, puttin' on a striptease. Can't stand it, granny granny granny can't stand it." during-Arleen (04/09/2011)
  • ""Why does a rich man drink champagne, drink half a beer and feel the same? Dumb question, he likes champagne better!" during-Arleen (04/09/2011)
  • 'Yeah, Just like another... like another car parked out in the street. You'd need that for the party. Oh, leave your body lying there." during-Pigeons (04/08/2011)
  • 'Alright, big ole thank you to JJ Grey and Mofro, everybody. And thank you, ladies and gentlemen of Asheville and beyond for coming and having this evening with us.' pre-Ribs and Whiskey (04/09/2011)
  • 'No, I know I seen your place before. Maybe in a past life. Maybe after the party last night, I don't know.' during-Rebirtha (04/09/2011)
  • 'Send your mind. Oh send your sister, too. I love you darlin'. Oh please send your mind. I won't spend one hour on the road this night dreamin' of you.' during-Send Your Mind (04/09/2011)
  • 'I see it too, daddy. Hop on and drive' during- Shut Up And Drive (04/09/2011)
  • 'Satisfied with my world. Aw, cause I dream it, the way it is... Satisfied, satisfied, satisfied, satisfied inside. Satisfied inside. Like a little baby inside. Baby doesn't know what I just said. Babies don't know the words yet the people use. They gotta figure out all the shapes of sound and all that new way of [?]. Then baby said one day. Kid said I got it. I got it, I got it now... I learned some words. He said, mom and daddy just talkin' in baby talk. He said, I already know that. Lawd, gotta communicate, got something to tell you, Pa. It's not like I didn't come out of here with some secrets to reveal! Super baby! Lawd, what secret child? He was listening one and one million and one, mama.' during-Barstools And Dreamers (04/09/2011)
  • 'Walk on to the party. Push on through the snow. Want to see my enemy.... eeeeh, rock and roll!' -during Guilded Splinters (04/09/2011)
  • 'I see what your kitty cat and your doggy do when you're out of town.' -during Guilded Splinters (04/09/2011)
  • 'I like the way you look changing records.' during-Bowlegged Woman (04/12/2011)
  • 'Gonna turn that car into a Cadillac, it's got so much roll.' during-Bowlegged Woman (04/12/2011)
  • 'Cat been scratchin' at the door for days. Mama smell like perfume-yeah! Papa's coming home.' during-Papa's Home (04/12/2011)
  • Gimme a lift here... Garrie. Lord, I'd give you my heart, I'll give you my heart.' during-Gimme (04/12/2011)
  • 'The Charlie Daniels Band... Well, good evening Birmingham. Thank you for making the appropriate adjustments to be with us tonight.' pre-Pigeons (04/15/2011)
  • 'Like another crumbly there between your sheets.' during-Pigeons (04/15/2011)
  • 'One day we was out there, 12, 13, 14, bunch of us kids all around the neighborhood, playin around finished playin cops and robbers, cowboys and indians... and there were no girls around so we werent playin doctor right now.' during-Hatfield rap (04/15/2011)
  • 'It's nothin' new, oh! It ain't nothin' old neither... Well, even the Governor of Georgia took to payin' for rain; leave no form of representation unturned.' during-Hatfield (04/15/2011)
  • 'Alright, good evening Oak Mountain. It's like we never left here.' pre-Chilly Water (04/16/2011)

Welcome Back:

  • The Harder They Come (LTP 672: 10/27/01)
  • Hope In A Hopeless World (LTP 152: 11/05/08)
  • Quarter Tank Of Gasoline (LTP 777: 08/06/00)
  • She Caught The Katy (LTP 101: 11/18/09)
  • A of  D (LTP 84: 04/23/10)
  • Riders On The Storm (LTP 181: 07/19/08)
  • Feelin' Alright (LTP 471: 11/28/00)
  • Down On The Farm (LTP 411: 10/23/05)

Nice To Meet You:

  • That Don't Make It Junk (Leonard Cohen) (FTP: 04/16/11)

Not Played:

  • Already Fried 
  • C. Brown
  • Casa Del Grillo
  • Clinic Cynic
  • Coconut
  • Crazy
  • Dark Day Program
  • Glory
  • Gradle
  • Happy
  • L.a.
  • Old Joe
  • Old Neighborhood
  • Smoking Factory
  • The Take Out
  • Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi)
  • Three Candles
  • Time Waits
  • Travelin' Man
  • Vacation
  • When You Coming Home
  • You'll Be Fine
Other Notables:

  • Are Your Ready For The Country?
  • Arleen
  • Bowlegged Woman
  • Breathing Slow (with massive climax)
  • Cream Puff War
  • Dark Bar (performed as a band)
  • Expiration Day
  • Genesis
  • Heaven
  • Help Me Somebody
  • I Walk On Guilded Splinters
  • It Ain't No Use
  • Knockin' 'Round The Zoo (on a Friday)
  • Lawyers, Guns, and Money
  • Let It Rock
  • Let's Get Down To Business
  • Low Spark Of High Heeled  Boys
  • Pleas > Mr. Soul
  • New Speedway Boogie (2 times)
  • No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
  • One Kind Favor
  • Ophelia
  • Papa Legba
  • Protein Drink > Sewing Machine
  • Red Hot Mama
  • Ride Me High
  • Strange Times (second appearance)
  • The Shape I'm In
  • Use Me

Special Guests:

  • Ron Holloway
  • Luther Dickinson
  • Cody Dickinson


1: Porch Song > Blackout Blues, Flicker > Imitation Leather Shoes, This Part Of Town, Christmas Katie, Let It Rock, One Arm Steve, Makes Sense To Me

2: Good People > Dark Bar > Good People, Weight Of The World, Saint Ex > Driving Song > Shut Up And Drive > Driving Song > Breathing Slow > Disco, Pilgrims > Pleas > Mr. Soul

E: Stop Go > Knockin' 'Round The Zoo

Notes: 'Folsom Prison Blues' rap and 'Within You, Without You' tease during 'Let It Rock' | 'Three Little Birds rap during 'Stop Go' | Tour Opener | Sold Out | Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 7:00pm | Capacity: 2,844 | A food drive event | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

04/02/2011 Palace Theatre, Louisville, KY stober stream | stober torrent | kingkita torrent
1:  Pigeons > Bust It Big > Cream Puff War, Cotton Was King, Holden Oversoul > All Time Low, Dirty Side Down, Protein Drink > Sewing Machine

2: Chainsaw City, Rebirtha > Rock, Action Man > Mercy > Drums > Drums & Bass > Henry Parsons Died  > May Your Glass Be Filled > Walkin' (for your love) > Tall Boy

E: From The Cradle, Machine > Barstools and Dreamers

Notes: 'Tears of a Woman' jam during 'Drums & Bass' | Sold Out | Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 7:00pm | Capacity: 2,844 | A food drive event | Download/CD of the Show


04/03/2011 Kovalchick Complex, Indiana, PA steve toney stream | steve toney torrent

1: Let's Get Down To Business > Chilly Water > Party At Your Mama's House > Ribs And Whiskey, Papa Johnny Road, It Ain't No Use > You Got Yours > Dyin' Man > North

2: Heroes > Diner > Red Hot Mama, Visiting Day, Little Kin > Jack > One Kind Favor > Fishwater, Travelin' Light

E: Her Dance Needs No Body, Lawyers, Guns, And Money

Notes: Fast 'Visiting Day' |  'The Other One' tease and 'Nobody's Fault But Mine / Spoonful' jam during 'One Kind Favor' | Soundcheck: One Kind Favor, Her Dance Needs No Body, Lawyers, Guns, And Money, Visiting Day | Get Tickets | Tickets-for-Charity® Sold Out | Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 7:00pm | Capacity: Approximately 5,000 | A Food Drive Event | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


04/05/2011 Warner Theatre, Washington, DC alex leary stream

1: Greta, Solid Rock, Ain't Life Grand > Who Do You Belong To?, Pickin' Up The Pieces, B of D > Thought Sausage, Gimme, New Speedway Boogie, Love Tractor

2: Space Wrangler, Jaded Tourist > Jam > Climb To Safety > St. Louis > Junior > Surprise Valley > Blue Indian > Jam > Drums > Drums & Bass > Surprise Valley > You Should Be Glad

E: Nobody's Loss, Papa's Home

Notes: Soundcheck: Jaded Tourist | Get Tickets | Tickets-for-Charity® Sold Out | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Capacity: 1800 | Food Drive Event | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


04/06/2011 Warner Theatre, Washington, DC zeroth stream | zeroth mp3 download

North > Conrad > Tickle The Truth, Radio Child > Help Me Somebody > Saint Ex > Second Skin  > Ophelia > The Shape I'm In > Porch Song 

2: Airplane > Proving Ground, True To My Nature, Wondering > Stop Breakin' Down Blues*, Ride Me High* > Hatfield > Postcard > Big Wooly Mammoth > Walk On The Flood

E: Up All Night > The Last Straw > Give

* with Ron Holloway on saxophone

Notes: 'Give Me Back My Wig' rap during 'Stop Breakin' Down Blues' | Get Tickets | Tickets-for-Charity® Sold Out |  Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Capacity: 1800 | A Food Drive Event | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


04/08/2011 Civic Center, Asheville, NC crossthreaded stream | crossthreaded mp3 download

1: Holden Oversoul > Stop Go > 1 x 1 > Better Off, Cotton Was King > Time Zones > Bear's Gone Fishin' > Jam > Tie Your Shoes > Blackout Blues > No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

2: The Harder They Come > Impossible > Don't Wanna Lose You > Pigeons > Disco > Aunt Avis > Jam > Goin' Out West > Drums > Drums & Bass > Bust It Big > Makes Sense To Me

E: Driving Song > Heaven > Driving Song > Hope In A Hopeless World

Notes: Last 'The Harder They Come' [10-27-01] 672 shows | 'Iron Man' tease before 'The Harder They Come' | Last 'Hope In A Hopeless World' [11-05-08] 152 shows | Get Tickets | Tickets-for-Charity® Available | Doors: 6:30pm / Showtime: 7:30pm | Capacity: 7,654 | w/ Special Guest: JJ Grey & Mofro | A Food Drive Event | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


04/09/2011 Civic Center, Asheville, NC taperhead stream | taperhead mp3 download

Ribs And Whiskey, Rebirtha > Send Your Mind, Tall Boy, Can't Get High, Shut Up And Drive > You Got Yours > Machine > Barstools And Dreamers

2: Papa Legba, All Time Low > Biltmore Jam > Little Lilly > Quarter Tank of Gasoline, Visiting Day > I Walk On Guilded Splinters > Drums > Chilly Water > Arleen > Pilgrims > Chilly Water

E: Dirty Side Down, I'm Not Alone > Fixin' To Die

Notes: 'Satisfied' rap during 'Barstools and Dreamers' | Last 'Quarter Tank of Gasoline' [08-06-00] 778 shows | Doors: 6:30pm / Showtime: 7:30pm |  Capacity: 7,654 | w/ Special Guest: JJ Grey & Mofro | A Food Drive Event | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


04/12/2010 Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC chrisdavis stream | cfox torrent | chrisdavis torrent | chrisdavis mp3 download

1: She Caught The Katy > Pleas > Worry, Jaded Tourist > Columbia Jam > Fishwater > Drums > Tortured Artist, Genesis, Space Wrangler > Henry Parsons Died

2: Junior > Greta > Sleepy Monkey > Good People > Dark Bar > Good People > Bowlegged Woman, A of D > Diner > Dream Song, Ain't Life Grand > Papa's Home > Drums > Papa's Home

E: Gimme, Use Me, Action Man

Notes: Last 'She Caught The Katy' 11/18/09 101 shows | 'Bust It Big' rap during 'Bowlegged Woman' | Sold Out | Doors: 6:30 / Showtime: 7:30 | Seating Capacity: 3,099 | A Food Drive Event | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


04/14/2011 Wanee Festival, Live Oak, FL alex leary stream | alex leary mp3 download

O: Travelin' Light > Who Do You Belong To?, Imitation Leather Shoes > Love Tractor, Angels On High, Party At Your Momma's House > Stop Breakin' Down Blues*, Down, True To My Nature > Chainsaw City, Christmas Katie > Radio Child, Pickin' Up The Pieces, Dyin' Man, Flicker > Surprise Valley > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys > Drums** > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys > Surprise Valley, Climb To Safety

E: Are You Ready For The Country?*

* with Luther Dickinson on slide guitar
** with Cody Dickinson on washboard

Notes: 'Black Magic Woman' tease before 'Radio Child' | www.waneefestival.com | Doors: 12:00pm / Panic On Stage: 9:30pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

04/15/2011 BJCC Arena, Birmingham, AL zman stream | zman torrent | discopanic1 torrent | zman mp3 download

1: Pigeons > North > Hatfield > Riders On The Storm > Bust It Big > Walk On The Flood, Saint Ex > Blackout Blues > Feelin' Alright

2: Little Kin, Strange Times > Proving Ground > Big Wooly Mammoth > Birming Jam > Drums > Drums & Bass > Mercy > Jam > Proving Ground > Blight > Driving Song > Disco > Driving Song > Holden Oversoul

E: Expiration Day > Wondering > Porch Song

Notes: Last 'Riders On The Storm' [07-19-08] 182 shows | Last 'Feelin' Alright' [11-28-00] 749 shows | The Oak Mountain show moved to BJCC Arena due to severe storms in the area. | Get Tickets | Tickets-for-Charity® Sold Out | Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 7:00pm | Seating Capacity: 17,500 | w/ Special Guest: Charlie Daniels Band | A Food Drive Event | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


04/16/2011 Oak Mountain, Pelham, AL zman stream | zman torrent | zman mp3 download

1: Chilly Water > Impossible > Contentment Blues > B of D > Chilly Water, Down On The Farm*, St. Louis > Shut Up and Drive, Protein Drink > Sewing Machine

All Time Low > Jam > Blue Indian, That Don't Make It Junk, Good People > Dark Bar > Good People, Ain't Life Grand > New Speedway Boogie, Jack, Red Hot Mama > Tie Your Shoes > Red Hot Mama > Henry Parsons Died 

E: Pilgrims > Conrad

Notes: Last 'Down On The Farm' [10/23/05] 411 shows | Only 'That Don't Make It Junk' | 'Analyze' jam after 'Ain't Life Grand' | Sold Out | Seating capacity: 9,936 | Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 7:00pm | with Special Guest: Big GiganticA Food Drive Event | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


Widespread Panic Spring Tour 2011

04/01/2011 Palace Theatre, Louisville, KY
04/02/2011 Palace Theatre, Louisville, KY
04/03/2011 Kovalchick Complex, Indiana, PA
04/05/2011 Warner Theatre, Washington, DC
04/06/2011 Warner Theatre, Washington, DC
04/08/2011 Civic Center, Asheville, NC
04/09/2011 Civic Center, Asheville, NC
04/12/2011 Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC
04/14/2011 Wanee Festival, Live Oak, FL
04/15/2011 Oak Mountain, Pelham, AL
04/16/2011 Oak Mountain, Pelham, AL
05/20/2011 Hangout Music Festival, Gulf Shores, AL
05/27/2011 Riverfest, Little Rock, AR
05/28/2011 Midland Theatre, Kansas City, MO
05/29/2011 Three Sisters Park, Chillicothe, IL