Header.jpg Widespread Panic 2011 Summer Tour


  • 23 Shows
  • 97 Unique Originals
  • 362 Originals Played
  • 83 Unique Covers
  • 151 Covers Played
  • 180 Unique Songs
  • 513 Songs Played
  • 22.3 Average Songs Per Show
  • 57 One-timers (10 originals | 47 covers)

Shows by State:

  • TN - 1
  • TX - 4
  • OK - 1
  • NM - 1
  • CO - 3
  • ID - 1
  • WY - 3
  • WA - 1
  • OR - 1
  • CA - 4
  • NV - 3

  • 1 Night Runs: 9
  • 2 Night Runs: 4
  • 3 Night Runs: 2

Most Played (6):
  • Bust It Big
  • Chilly Water
  • Driving Song
  • Fishwater
  • Pigeons
  • Surprise Valley

Something Special:

  • You’d have never guessed that after 25 years on the road and a break looming, Widespread Panic would roll into Summer Tour with such undeniable freshness and passionate intensity. The group sparks immediate chemistry on their 23 show run across 6,500 miles and 11 states, while honing in their chops together again and exploring the nuances of their ever-expanding repertoire. The tidal wave of bustout material that rippled from February's Anniversary shows washes in 9 songs not played in over 100 shows, including the oldest revival in Widespread Panic history; 'Easy Wind', and a breakout treat of The Rolling Stones' 'Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)'. Jimmy Herring lays down his most copper bottomed Houser tone yet during an all original Sunday set at Red Rocks, before an epic cover set and encore of musical thievery, and that was only one of two very special sold out three night runs! The music builds to a peak at the tour closer in Sin City, driving harder and reaching higher to the melody of their own particular muse. It's no wonder the profound alliance with their audience has lasted so many years - a lovely affair with the open road.
  • New FOH Engineer Dros gets comfortable with Chris Rabold's settings behind the soundboard with a quickness, keeping the sound loud and clear while laying it on thick with a welcomed dose of psychedelic vocal delay.
  • With new FOH personnel comes a new house DJ, spinning hallmarks like 'Welcome To The Jungle', ‘Sweet Leaf', 'Burning Down The House', 'Tricky', 'Storm Trooper Theme', 'I'm Alright', 'Lets Dance', 'Let's Go Crazy', 'Electric Funeral', 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough', 'Jailbreak', Dust In The Wind, ‘The Gambler’, and 'Sin City'.
  • Couch tour includes video feeds of Bonnaroo from VEVO, the premiere of Austin City Limits Live streaming on facebook, three nights at Red Rocks presented by iClips, Ustream audio feeds thanks to Coloartist, Dgold, Zman, and others, and a special DVD / HD video release of the 3 night run at Grand Targhee.
  • JB plays tin-can blues on songs like 'Ribs and Whiskey', 'Dirty Side Down' and 'Stop Breakin' Down Blues' with his new Johnson Tri-cone Resonator guitar.
  • The barrage of Drum and Bass jams reminiscent of the late 90's and early 00's is back... 
  • Widespread Panic sound clips blare during the halftime report of the NBA finals (06/12)
  • JB speaks about solar energy between acoustic versions of ‘Already Fried’ and ‘Chilly Water’ at Bonnaroo’s Solar Stage to a crowd of a little over 100 people.  (Stream | 06/12)
  • WP receives Keys to the City of Manchester at Bonnaroo (06/12)
  • Paul Hoffman's mind-bending light show expands at Bonnaroo, with an additional floor package, high pods (3x Syncrolite Arena Vision w/ MX3s) and floor beams (Syncro: XL10s) to go with those beautiful towers.
  • Tonight's headlining slot opens the 2011 Widespread Panic Summer Tour, and closes the 10th annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, a raging dance party and extended set of energizing hits. With 80,000 tickets sold and the road crew rigging the stage with a special light show, the band is lookin' good and they're ready to rock! The 5th 'Arleen' opener on the books is as fast and free-whiling as ever before slamming into Fishwater with Randall Bramblett and the Mega-Blasters horn section. The first treats of the tour include the debut of Rolling Stones’ 'Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)', and Bruce Hornsby joining the band for the second time only, adding jazzy stylings to a progressive ‘Her Dance Needs No Body’, and sparking heavenly interplay with Jimmy Herring during ‘Red Hot Mama’. This monster set is not only a milestone for the band, but an indication of the unexpected delights to come. (Listen to 06/12)
  • JB shares his photos From Bonnaroo (06/14)
  • With cameras rolling at the premier of Austin City Limits Live, an impromptu jam gives JB time to dial in before finding the rhythm of 'Driving > Disco > Driving', and the year's first 'C. Brown'. The two-night run at state-of-the-art Moody Theatre streams online to over 2,300 facebook viewers, with hilarious fan interviews during setbreak and even a few spoiling close-ups of Jojo's setlist. A stretch of creative anarchy prompts a ‘Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’, and Phil Bass guests on a thunderous and fantastically varied 'Drums'. There's no letup on the second night, either, when the nod's given to that lil' old band from Texas with a dynamite 'Waitin' For The Bus > Jesus Just Left Chicago'. 'You Got Yours' features a short 'Cars' jam, and Dave Schools riles up the crowd before the first of many three song encores; "That's the Austin we know and love!" Dave and Jimmy are riffing on 'Third Stone From The Sun' before dropping into that dark 'Pleas' intro, and the event concludes with a rollicking transition into 'Mr. Soul'. (Listen to 06/14/ | 06/15)
  • “Quit throwing beer cans man, that’s bullshit!” (Dave Schools during Bowlegged Woman | 06/14)
  • The band takes rest in Dallas before its sweltering Friday night show at big ole' Gexa Pavilion shed, with Big Gigantic opening and plenty of room to boogie for the 2,650 in attendance. The year's first 'The Take Out' and fan favorite 'Porch Song' are the bookends of a classic first set including lush, jazzy grooves out of an atmospheric 'Greta' jam, and the first two songs of a 'High' tri-fecta (Can't Get High, Angels On High, Ride Me High). One of many 'Drums and Bass' jams of the tour rips back into the final verse of 'Tie Your Shoes', and right out off the Space Wrangler track list, JB sprouts horns on the year's first 'Me And The Devil Blues' before blessing the crowd with 'Heaven' to end the show. (Listen to 06/17)
  • JB sports a backwards hat he picked up from the Marketplace next-door to the venue and uses (abuses) his black Washburn Hollowbody guitar as his main axe all night. (06/18)
  • With that hat turned around ya know it's on-and regardless of how full the venue is tonight in Houston, the energy's in high supply for the 'Surprise Valley > Love Tractor > Jam > Surprise Valley' opener. 'Dark Bar' is now pretty much a guarantee during 'Good People', livening up the first set of seven originals and just one, eminent cover before setbreak: 'Life During Wartime'. Second set highlights include a monumental Takeoff jam out of 'Airplane', transitioning into a funked up 'Second Skin', and a rare 'Vampire Blues'. JB's soulful rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'That Don't Make It Junk' in the encore slot puts it officially in the rotation, and a colossal 'Fishwater' shuts down the last of four outstanding nights in Texas. (Listen to 06/18)
  • After a good haul to Tulsa, the 3rd performance in as many days falls on Father’s Day - a Sunday show that relocated two weeks back from the BOK Center right across the street to the intimately historic 'Our Lady of the Brady' Theater. Generally the rotation is coming back around heavy 5 shows in, but tonight draws from all angles of the catalog, including 14 songs with double digit LTPs. A potent pairing of 'The Last Straw > One Kind Favor > Proving Ground' highlights the first set, before the sleeping giant ‘One Arm Steve’ takes on a series of tension release strictures that boils to a climax before a classic cover of Tulsa native JJ Cale's 'Travelin' Light'. The crowd lets out a series of back to back "Woooo's" during 'You Should Be Glad' and 'Last Dance', and the first of many three song encores caps off the night in fine fashion. (Listen to 06/19)
  • Ay, caramba! Only a lucky few are able to score rooms for the Mexico run, Panic En La Playa, due to overwhelming traffic. Now Sapphire sells out in less than a minute and the on sale date for rooms at the Now Jade resort is pushed back a week. (06/21)
  • Somehow this year's Solar Music Festival features one band only, and they're riding the chilly winds into town, primed for a hot and highly energetic celebration. The tour seems to be turning the corner during a dynamite jam out of 'Happy', and then a nuclear one out of 'Greta.' They're effortlessly conjuring up lucid, organic interplay, when the evening reaches its zenith during an electric rendition of 'Red Hot Mama > Fixin' To Die > Red Hot Mama'. Schools’ Stockholm Syndrome counterpart Eric McFadden adds some wicked guitar work, storming through the evening's most complex musical corridors. To wind things down, 'Dream Song' in the encore slot appropriately depicts the event poster that's adorned with dream catchers, designed to benefit the Venturo Open Press non-profit organization. (Listen to 06/22)
  • It’s the night before Red Rocks, and you should be at Cervantes for Jojo sitting in with Dyrty Byrds on Cattle Drive and Tennessee Before Daylight. (06/23)
  • This is 25 Years Through the Band’s Eyes [photos taken by the band over the years] (06/24)
  • Running of the fools video of those tarp taping crazies at Red Rocks (06/25)
  • Jimmy's Red Rocks hat = flawless victory (06/26)
  • They play 'Knockin' 'Round the Zoo' on a day other than Thursday for the 2nd time in a row, this time with 'Sunday afternoon' lyrics. (06/26)
  • Someone must have gotten hold of my songs not played at Red Rocks list posted before this year's run, because Morrison got its first 'Knockin' 'Round The Zoo', 'Lawyers, Guns, And Money', 'Mama Told Me Not To Come', 'Red Beans', 'Sharon', and on top of it all-'Wild Thing' and 'Sultans Of Swing'. (06/26) 
  • It's been 20 years since the first of 40 Red Rocks performances in Colorado, the band's home away from home, and after an early load in on the 23rd, the stage is set for another sold out three night stint under a brisk, clear and starry night. The playing is mostly reserved in the first set, up until they take they crowd for a ride into psychedelic oblivion to the tune of 'Party At Your Mama's House'. And those tour floodgates are finally ready to open... as Panic knocks 'L.a.' and 'Do What You Like' from the shelf, and pushes 'Imitation Leather Shoes' to the brink before those marvelously exploratory passages of 'Papa's Home'. Saturday's joyous extension of last night has a few unexpected highlights, with 'Time Zones' and 'Tortured Artist' both coming into their own with some technical jamming, but it's the next transition into 'Chilly Water' that leads to a magical stretch in Panic history. Between the double rainbows, eerie moons with lightning storms in the distance, and iguana rock formations, we all know that there's something supernatural about Red Rocks, and when the band cranks into 'Arleen' at exactly 10:13pm, JB delivers the "wind came rushing in" line during 'Vacation', and out of the dead air a gust of wind blows over the stage, it must have been the magical Panic wind hug that grabbed our legs and pulled us in. The show concludes with 'Bust It Big > Mr. Soul', the new 'Pleas > Mr. Soul', and the wait begins for the epic vibe of Sunday service... And there's a new saying for this one: Never miss a sold out, Sunday show (at Red Rocks)! The first set is all Widespread Panic, the second set is all covers - we can only assume the band's off their rocker and feeling it tonight. Jimmy's tone is magnificently sincere, with buttery reverb and an extra dose of crunchy delay coming over the crowd in that first set. Listening to this set is a reminder of what they're capable of, and the second set was Halloween in June! In true 'cover band' form, Panic resurrects the most popular karaoke song of all time: 'Wild Thing', not played since Halloween of 2001, and then 'Sultans Of Swing' for the second time this year - which might as well be ABOUT a cover band. Good form! (Listen to 06/24 | 06/25 | 06/26)
  • Panic En La Playa is SOLD OUT !! Join the wait list now (06/29)
  • A show at the Idaho Botanical Gardens fits the bill nicely after that three night romp in Colorado and a couple days off between Salt Lake City and Boise! The show's traveled so far north the sun never wants to tuck behind the trees, shining over a mellow atmosphere, with families spreading out picnic blankets and all the frolicking freaks down front. The band isn't in any great hurry, putting on an ethereal show by steadily moving through the first set - gaining momentum with each passing song. A standalone 'Driving Song' slips into a melancholy groove before finishing with 'Breathing Slow', 'Hope In A Hopeless World' returns to the rotation, not played since its revival in Asheville this Spring, and the spirituous many enjoyed the ‘Trouble Walkin’' encore before their trip home. (Listen to 06/29)
  • Jojo performs an unannounced set for just a few lucky folks after close at The Mangy Moose in Jackson Hole (06/30) 
  • JB's laughin' it up with the crowd while snapping photos of Dirty Dozen and Jerry Joseph at Targhee.
  • There's a PARA-GLIDER flying over the freakin' stage during 'Impossible'. They drop him out of an airplane and the crowd goes wild! (And, was I tripping or did they spell out C-H-I-L-L-Y on those six overhead lights during 'Chilly Water' last night?) (07/03)
  • Without a doubt one of the coolest places Widespread Panic has ever played, nestled beneath the Tetons, Grand Targhee Ski Resort in Wyoming will be home for the weekend's high adventures! Yes, riding the lift up to 13,000 feet and skiing into the show over 4th of July weekend is about as unreal as it sounds. Tonight marks the 9 year anniversary of Michael Houser's last show, and plenty of longtime friends and old collaborators like Jerry Joseph and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band are ready to join the friendly, Panic atmosphere. The trip is only heightened by misadventures, involving a brook running through the crowd, mosquitoes, trading in token tickets and navigating through quicksand terrain to keep your palate wet. The chilly first night draws from various idioms; from the heights of chicken-pickin' during 'Who Do You Belong To?', to the rhythm and soul of Bill Withers' 'Use Me', featuring Dirty Dozen Brass Band member Kevin Harris. Perhaps the best version of 'Travelin' Man' ever, and the Independence Day shoutout during 'You Should Be Glad' make for a well rounded first set, and the second set is just primal! A rip roaring 'Greta' that melts into 'City Of Dreams' is the perfect closing on night one. After a night of campground shenanigans, A of D opens the second night, which had been out of play for a while before returning in Columbia during spring tour. The first set includes 'Weak Brain, Narrow Mind', and ends with the crowd doing the appropriate 'New Speedway Boogie' on the mountain. Again, the second set is some of the meanest rock and roll imaginable, with a cookin' 'Slippin' Into Darkness' and Vic Chesnutt's shadowy 'Protein Drink > Sewing Machine, and our conclusion is a splendidly evil 'Maggot Brain > Chilly Water'. The final night opens with a patriotic little 'Heroes', and another oil spill, in Yosemite Park this time, calls for the return of 'Dirty Business', which hadn't been played since the Gulf Coast last year. The trend of dark second sets continues as JB delivers 'Tie Your Shoes' with some new lyrics ("Tie your girl!"), Jerry Joseph lends himself to the stage for 'Light Is Like Water' complete with a 'Short-nin Bread' tease, and 'Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys' wrapping around 'Surprise Valley'. And at last, the three song encore features 'May Your Glass Be Filled', 'Are You Ready For The Country?', and 'Papa's Home'. Please play there again! (Listen to 07/01 | 07/02 | 07/03)
  • Did you survive the mud at Targhee? Between Mud Man making Mud People, and the mud pit trapping shoes and garmets on schools side between the SBD and the stage, I really hope you didn't lose it all during 'Don’t Wanna Lose You'. 
  • JB gets a new Houser hat from a few fans to "add to [his] Mikey shrine" in Seattle (07/05)
  • After making a stop in Spokane, Seattle is next on the list, with the regular crowd ready to spend their Tuesday night at old-timey Paramount Theater. While security is keeping things mighty tight, the band is wide-open, super chatty and downright aggressive! Dave Schools has a huge night, thundering on 'Stop Go' and destroying a demonic 'Blight', while reminding the crowd that 'everything turns out the way it's supposed to cause it's all good, brah!" The two sets are so well executed and way better than they look on paper, and then the ridiculous pairing of the elusive 'Quarter Tank Of Gasoline' into another 'Life During Wartime' blows the roof off. Holy smokes! (Listen to 07/05) 
  • JB adds 11 new photos to his Photos from the Road album (07/06)  
  • The band uses beautiful Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene to focus on original music during the first set, forging an eclectic mix of old and new songs, with the exception of Neil Young's 'Mr. Soul', and that little 'Highway To Heaven' rap during 'Diner'. 'Bowlegged Woman' is split for the 3rd time in history to open the second, sandwiching around one of their core improvisational tunes, 'Proving Ground'. Six years after its premier, 'Born Under A Bad Sign' got another go in Atlanta this February, and is back tonight... with Ivan and Ian Neville sitting in on that and a blistering 'Red Hot Mama'. If that isn't enough, the only 'Genesis' of the tour and first 'Let's Get The Show On The Road' in 92 shows oughta do it! (Listen to 07/06) 
  • Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart is backstage on Saturday night in Oakland (07/09) 
  • It's no wonder the recently reopened Fox Theater in Oakland has emerged as a premier west cost venue, with such a fan friendly atmosphere and exceptional decor, the place really has it all. It takes a little time to get the sound dialed in before a surprise treat of John Lennon's 'Crippled Inside' comes off the shelf after 3 years and over 200 shows. Interestingly enough, two song transitions from tonight's setlist also occurred at Red Rocks, with  'L.a. > Jack' in the first set and 'Party At Your Mama's House > Space Wrangler' getting a little more action in the second. The Black Keys cover of 'Strange Times' gets another unexpected go, and the night ends on yet another 3 song encore. Saturday night is here and the crowd at the Fox is ready to shake the floors, especially during a crystalline 'Tall Boy' jam that inches toward the musical framework of Arleen before making its final metamorphosis into 'Porch Song'. While over half of tonight's song list was played last week in Wyoming, a few big surprises are definitely in store! 'Dark Day Program' is a melancholy tune that's next to impossible to call, and it makes its way back after 60 shows off, but the real treat for tonight is the return of 'Easy Wind' after a monumental 2,468 shows! Not only is that old Pigpen number sandwiched inside of 'Pigeons' (what's known in Larry's Code as "Hawg's Eternity" (Pig-Eons)), but it's the album version, played in the bay area, with Mickey in the house, on the anniversary of the Grateful Dead's last concert - and they tore it up! Boom! (Listen to 07/08 | 07/09)
  • What a fun venue in the biggest little city in the world, with the bowling alley, driving range and carnival rides around the Grand Sierra, it's a wonder anyone made it into the show! Kidding aside, it's Jojo fans that are coming up lucky on 07/11, with Reno's third '1x1' in as many years, 'One Arm Steve', 'Jaded Tourist' (with it's first dynamic extended jam), 'Ride Me High', and 'Blackout Blues' on the list tonight. Just like the show in Tulsa, Reno's treated to the rarer spectrum of songs, with a surprise 'Let It Rock', and 'Crazy' coming back again after sitting out for 72 shows. The encore begins with a cruel little 'Morning Dew' tease by Dave Schools, which happens to make some musical sense coming before a really beautiful rendition of 'I'm Not Alone'. (Listen to 07/11
  • Those buses are on their last leg pulling into the Art Deco Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, and the elusive 4th Chuck Sperry lady prints are already slipping out the back door! Man, people are trading kidney’s for those prints... LA is treated to the first badass 'Protein Drink > Sewing Machine' opener ever, and the juices are flowing for what's sure to be one of the best runs yet in terms of musical exploration. 'None of Us Are Free' has been played here before, with the late great Solomon Burke, so it seems appropriate to make another surprise showing at his old stomping ground. One of the highlights played off the new album is 'St. Louis > Shut Up And Drive', a few Cali songs are called up in 'Imitation Leather Shoes' and 'Tickle The Truth', and things get really interesting when Jerry Joseph makes himself known for the second time this tour during 'Chainsaw City', getting political with his guitar during a Middle Eastern jam with his ally, Wally 'Llama' Ingram. The evening ends on a menacing note, with Schools delivering a grizzly callout: "See ya tomorrow. And if you want to throw a bottle throw it at me at least I can fucking see it coming, OK." The second night will be one for the ages, and the first of 15 shows at the Wiltern without any guests or stars on the setlist (unless you count JB ditching his guitar for Postcard). The 'Airplane' jam is a monster in the first, 'She Caught The Katy' is back again, 'Hatfield' is always nice to hear in Los Angeles, and 'Fixin' To Die' closes out a well rounded one. At the start of the second set, Schools has another, more light hearted announcement to make. "Hey uh, my old man's out here somewhere tonight, and it's his birthday at midnight. So if you see him, bust his balls. [laughter] Tell him happy birthday. And these are the three things he wants most for his birthday, alright." > 'LAWYERS, GUNS AND MONEY'! The jams are really spreading out tonight, with a substantial 'The Other One' style groove out of 'Mercy', right before 'Nobody's Fault But Mine'. The bluesy underpinnings are evident this evening - a stark contrast to the sickest Fishwater from this era, with an 'Eminence Front' rap by Schools and a 'N.I.B.' bass jam out of drums! The show ends with splendid intensity, as JB sincerely thanks the crowd for the good feeling they've given them before 'Expiration Day', a guitarless 'Postcard', and finally, 'Proving Ground'. (Listen to 07/13 | 07/14)
  • Just another toy from under Jimmy Herring's bed... Custom Mini Deluxe (07/14) 
  • JB plays 'Postcard' at The Wiltern without his guitar (07/14) 
  • Fall Tour Announced (07/15) 
  • We've arrived at the final two night run in sparkling Las Vegas, Nevada - who's ready for some heavy hitters? Karl Denson's Tiny Universe gets the party started at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel tonight, and Panic hits the stage with 'Little Kin' to get the ball rolling in the right direction. The band's sound is focused and on point through a first set that includes a couple hard instrumentals in 'B of D' and 'Machine', and some songs they love to take to far out places like 'It Ain't No Use', Barstools and Dreamers' and 'You Should Be Glad'. Each song of the second set melds into the next, with Karl Denson stepping in and glowing red on 'Second Skin' and 'Goin' Out West'. Tonight's 'Drums and Bass' is a special one - the third post-Houser 'Entering A Black Hole Backwards', not played since 11/18/09. As usual, it gives the go ahead for 'Chilly Water', and an ever so appropriate return of 'Sympathy For The Devil', not played in 216 shows! All bets are ALWAYS off for the tour closer- the moment we've all been (reluctantly?) waiting for, and Saturday night is DEFINITELY one to write home about! JB is practically possesed during 'Sharon', Dave Schools "[has] tiger blood and [is] winning", 'All Along the Watchtower' is back and better than ever after 612 shows, 'Driving > Disco' ends with the first inverted 'Breathing Slow > Driving', and that's just the first set! The second kicks off with a mean ole 'Pigeons > Junior', and uncovers the 'Coconut' with 'Carrot Top' (lol) on percussion, and 'Surprise Valley' is tripple stacked. The classic crowd pleaser 'Space Wrangler > Tall Boy' closes down the second set, and the band emerges for the encore. They graciously thank their staff and crew who've worked so hard to keep the show going, and are met with an incredible ovation. Panic delivers a heartfelt 'When You Coming Home', a little suite by The Band in 'Ophelia > The Shape I'm In', and the tour ends with a staple 'Porch Song', and the melted faces charge the casino floor! (Listen to 07/15 | 07/16) 

Burnthday's Picks:

  • Opener: 'Protein Drink > Sewing Machine' | 07/13/2011 The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA
  • Encore: 'Wild Thing Reprise, Sultans of Swing > Goin’ Out West, End Of The Show' | 06/26/2011 Red Rocks: Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
  • Original: 'Fishwater' | 07/14/2011 The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA
  • Cover: 'Sultans Of Swing' | 06/26/2011 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
  • Instrumental: 'Party At Your Mama's House' | 06/24/2011 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
  • First Set: 06/26/2011 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO or 07/16/2011 The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
  • Second Set: 07/15/2011 The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
  • Show: 07/14/2011 The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA
  • Sleeper Show: 07/05/2011 Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
  • Bustout: All Along The Watchtower | 07/16/2011 The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
  • Trainwreck: Good People | 07/06/2011 Cuthbert Amphitheater, Eugene, OR
  • Surprise: Breathing Slow > Driving Song 07/16/2011 The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
  • Guest: Jerry Joseph
  • Transition: 'Fixin' To Die > Red Hot Mama' | 06/22/2011 Kit Karson Park, Taos, NM
  • JBism: 'There goes my spine. Lawd my mouth is gone so you won't here me whine' during-Rock | 06/25/2011 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
  • Rap: 'Eminence Front' during-Fishwater | 07/14/2011 The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA
  • Jam: 'Greta' | 06/22/2011 Kit Karson Park, Taos, NM
  • Saying: "Shock treatment!" 
  • Crowd Reaction: Ovation for the Panic crew > When You Coming Home?


  • 'Like a little diggity-dog chasin' you in the morning child' during-Fishwater (06/12)
  • ‘All the time-the children dance off. They dance off and shake the weight of the world’ during-Weight of the World (06/12)
  • ‘Yeah yeah. Awww yeah yeah! Wooooooooh-oh child!’ during-Old Neighborhood (06/12)
  • ‘Thank you, Bonnaroo! The MegaBlasters ladies and gentlemen... Will be back to haunt us shortly’ after-Tall Boy (06/12)
  • ‘Just like another cracker crumb in your sheets. Wake up wake up… Aw baby, snap! Wake up. Smell like flowers. Is that yFou slippin’ over by my bedside? I believe you’re flying’ during-Pigeons (06/12)
  • ‘Evenin’ people. We got some adjustments to make’ pre-Driving Song (06/14)
  • ‘Give you my head if I could’ during-Gimme (06/14)
  • ‘Take it in stride. I said bye-bye. I say bye-bye! Aww, bye-bye. I’ll come back to you one day! during-Rock (06/14)
  • ‘Baby just been here a minute. Let him get a second to catch his breath. Don’t hear that baby. Please, don’t hear me out baby. Lawd, said doctor gave me enough time for kickin’ this hater! I got a whole lifetime to tend to!’ during-Barstools and Dreamers (06/14)
  • 'Oh, baby baby baby. Seem like you and me left standing. They shoot horses, don't they? Aw, I could dance a thing. Aw, hoochie. Let's listen to a little different something else. It's alright, it's alright. My brothers got a room up there. Aww records, girl put your records on. Oh and put the new one-Whip your hair back and forth child!' during-Bowlegged Woman (06/14)
  • ‘Alright. Good evenin’, errbody!’ pre-Heroes (06/15)
  • ‘Let the thoughts creep in and slip out. Whether ours or our customers. ‘Cause their thoughts a little louder from time to time. Come time the church let’s out. All the respectable folks-that’s when they come in and start barkin’ orders.  ‘Cause that hour they just spent one day a week was just too much not to share!’ during-Diner (06/15)
  • ‘Bite you! Bug bite baby-the other one’s kiss’ during-I Walk On Guilded Splinters (06/15)
  • ‘Lord, the dog is a lot better off just sniffin’ ‘round the back door’ during-Papa’s Home (06/15)
  • ‘Here’s an oldie from the Bloodkin boys’ pre-Can’t Get High (06/17)
  • ‘Aww baby child. We just gettin’ started’ during-Porch Song (06/17)
  • ‘It was grandma that taught her how to play that 3 string banjo. Rattle on down to the 13 and a half bar blues’ during-Hatfield (06/17)
  • ‘Time’s replaced by a little superstitious scheme’ during-Space Wrangler (06/17)
  • "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw. Loooooooord yooooooooooooooou. Yeeeeaaaaaaaw. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww​ww. Oh, LOVE YOUR GIRL!" during-Tie Your Shoes (06/17)
  •  [Thank ya, big D!] 'Oh yeah, congratulations by the way!' before-Me And The Devil Blues (06/17) 
  • ‘Said you may know your way, big boy’ during-Me And The Devil Blues (06/17)
  • ‘Woah! Hello everybody’ before-Surprise Valley (06/18)
  • ‘Learn me how to feel alright’ during-Love Tractor (06/18)
  • ‘Wa-ho. All over baby.’ during-Love Tractor (06/18)
  • ‘I swear I’ll quit talkin’ about myself as soon as you whisper’ during-Better Off (06/18)
  • ‘Headlights praying to the hitchhiker’ during-Shut Up And Drive (06/18)
  • ‘She said hop on daddy, shut up and drive’ during-Shut Up And Drive (06/18)
  • ‘Like another one in the sheets. Wake up wake up. But the good news… she be there Sunday morning. Lawd, was that a dream or was that dream a memory? Something you gonna see today gonna spark that memory. You said oh yeah, it was you and me. Awwww, we were flying’ during-Pigeons (06/18)
  • ‘Four train days Oh, maybe just one-get me back’ during-Fishwater (06/18)
  • ‘Goodnight Houston, thank you very much. Thank you very, merry much’ after-Fishwater (06/18/2011)
  • 'How ya doin' there, Tulsa?' before-Sold Rock (06/19)
  • 'Grandma came out and slapped me in the head, said I know you playing Alabamy Bound, stop breakin' down. Aw, grandma calm down' during-Stop Breakin' Down Blues (06/19)
  • [Good thing it's made out of metal, right?] 'If it can't take a lickin' it shouldn't be in my closet. In a nice way, I mean' after-Stop Breakin' Down Blues (06/19)
  • 'We'll be back in two shakes, ladies and gents' after-Give (06/19)
  • 'Another stormy night up in Tulsa' during-You Should Be Glad (06/19)
  • 'Alright! You ready boys?' before-May Your Glass Be Filled (06/19)
  • 'You get me in front of your low-rent high-class friends, lawd and you act real rude to me' during-Use Me (06/19)
  • ‘I said that’s cool. Just a different, soggy kinda school’ during-Barstools And Dreamers (06/22)
  • ‘La la la. Oh you think that baby talk… that’s the way babies think we talk. La la la. La la la la.’ during-Barstools And Dreamers. (06/22)
  • ‘My blood is curdling, and so is her hair. Yeah my blood is curdling, and her hair is curling in the sunlight’ (06/22)
  • ‘If it feels good the earth shakes’ during-Pilgrims (06/22)
  • ‘Thank you thank you, extremely very much, Taos, NM. Thank you good people’ after-Ain’t Life Grand (06/22)
  • ‘Send a little bit of money too. I swear I’ll send it back’ during-Send Your Mind (06/24/11)
  • ‘I got one eye on the road, the other eye closed. Dreamin’ of you, dreamin’ of you’ during-Send Your Mind (06/24)
  • ‘Love has always scared you like the things wiggling under your bed’ during-Climb To Safety (06/24)
  • ‘We’ll be back very quickly!’ after-Climb To Safety (06/24)
  • ‘Like another thought just up in the cloud. Oh wake up. Oh something’s gonna move you one day anyway; Maybe an angel, maybe your mama. Lawd, doggie lickin’ you in the face’ during-Pigeons (06/24)
  • ‘Just a little of what you got left’ during-Fishwater (06/24)
  • ‘He’s a thousand miles from breakfast, doggie won’t leave the door’ during-Papa’s Home (06/24)
  • ‘Alright, thank you thank you thank you. Houston, we got a problem!’ before-This Part of Town (06/24)
  • 'Alright, how's everybody doing today? [cheers] That's a good sign' before-Sometimes (06/25)
  • 'There goes my spine. Lawd my mouth is gone so you won't here me whine' during-Rock (06/25)
  • 'Lawd I remember Hatfield's mama. Over in that old neighborhood she would kinda lay loose, we would all gather afterschool. That was Charlie's mama. Aw, and we were there playing cops and robbers, cowboys and indians and Star Trek. And it was hot, hot in the summer time. We'd sit back, look at the clouds. Just rest our bones and our dreams for a little while. Little window in the corner the dark corner of the house. Sweet sweet smells of supper time. While everything was simmering old Hatfield's mama would be strummin' on a one string banjo. She'd get music and some feel inside of that. They say that's why we all like music. Reminds us of when we're all inside and all the spheres. Rain. A little gift of rain' during-Hatfield (06/25)
  • 'Alright, back in the saddle' before-Henry Parsons Died (06/25)
  • 'Eww, before I ride. I been there, I been on your spine' during-Chilly Water (06/25)
  • 'Ain't got no electricity but the telephone ringing. Said boy, I seen you. Look out one window below. I been lookin' at you lookin' at her, she just lookin' in the mirror. And I know that what you see is not near what you're lookin' for. I think you have the wrong number. I don't think so son, he said. Weren't you there, see a body next door there boy... with a telephone in his hand, and that better be his breakfast in the other. Neighbor got a gun, neighbor got a gun. I, I think he got a gun. I hope, hope it's not hunting day' during-Arleen (06/25)
  • 'Hearts of gold, balls of steel, Man-Of-War' during-Action Man (06/25)
  • 'Good afternoon good people' before-Wondering (06/26)
  • 'You don't need to imagine another word' during-C. Brown (06/26)
  • 'Not wanting to meet my savior-it's too late. No, not this way-it's OK' (06/26)
  • 'Oh, baby baby baby baby. Where'd you come from, what's your neighborhood like? I don't know anybody here, I was just driving by saw the cars parked thought I'd come in. You not from around here either? Oh, this is a funny party. All they play is Roberta Flack. Well that's not bad though, I like that. Oh and that one eyed cat, yeah, two and a half legged dog there. Yeah this place got soul. Soooo much color. No, no really that's my favorite movie too. Aw, really really? Oh, I don't know, but I saw a place where you came into my life. I don't know how we got here, Lawd. I think they're gonna kick us out. All the cars are gone. We can break, we can break for it' during-Bowlegged Woman (06/26)
  • 'Yet another love song. This the love of freedom!' before-Lawyers, Guns and Money (06/26)
  • 'Sometimes I feel like a motherless child. Sometimes I feel like a bird up in the sky, so far so far. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, so far from my home' during-Can't Find My Way Home (06/26)
  • 'Knockin' 'round the zoo, on a Sunday afternoon' during-Knockin' 'Round The Zoo (06/26)
  • 'I remember good ole days. Stayed up all night, gettin' crazy. Then the money was not so good, whip your hair back and forth, whip your hair back and forth' during-Walk On (06/26)
  • 'It's been a lot of fun playing here for your birthday party. The regular band will be back tomorrow night. Thank you for giving us this chance!' before-Wild Thing Reprise (06/26)
  • 'You no like-a the cover band?!' before-Wild Thing Reprise (06/26)
  • 'It's gonna be kinda like when we wake up from a dream, and say well that wasn't all that bad. It was just a dream anyway. We'll wake up and be the King and Queen hanging in the diner' during-Diner (06/29)
  • 'Really wanna feel the way we're supposed to. Sometimes is sometime' during-Proving Ground (06/29)
  • 'Baby, awwwww cut this radio. I wanna hear it all through the night' during-Shut Up And Drive (06/29)
  • 'Thank you Boise, and girlsies' after-Makes Sense To Me (06/29)
  • 'I'm only goin' where this world is spinnin', I just bought these new pair of boots a few years ago, just gunna shine 'em up nice' during-Walkin' (For Your Love) (06/29)
  • 'I couldn't discern through your slow burn that I was being so bad' during-Let's Get Down To Business (07/01)
  • 'Ladies and gentlemen, our good friend Kevin Harris everybody!' before-Use Me (07/01)
  • 'Alright, this a little diddy that was inspired in part by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, when Kevin was talkin' to me about his gumbo recipe' before-Thought Sausage (07/01)
  • 'Mary sees the bartender's knees. Oh, that's where the low shelf is' during-Barstool and Dreamers (07/01)
  • 'The last step to get is when they learn the words. People only talk. All the time out loud and in their heads using words they already know. Baby didn't learn any words yet. Lawd, just preceded the way that it is. Cause the baby, aww they love that naked way' during-Barstools and Dreamers (07/01)
  • 'They love their little doggy too. Kitty cat ain't afraid of that' during-Barstools and Dreamers (07/01)
  • 'La la la, I hear you with your la la, la la la. Oh yeah' during-It Ain't No Use (07/01)
  • 'Sometimes the only place to hide is my dreams. Sometimes I'm not even safe there. Lawd, I drink you away, I drink you back!' during-It Ain't No Use (07/01)
  • 'Now, a very special pretend encore chosen especially for you' before-Greta (07/01)
  • 'Goodnight chilly people, see you tomorrow night!' after-City Of Dreams (07/01)
  • I got some stuff in my pocket, baby. Lawd-I'm gonna save it for your sister!' during-Stop Breakin' Down Blues (07/02)
  • Just like another drop in the tub. Wake up wake up wake up. Something gonna come move you one day anyway. Aw, wake up wake up. Maybe your mama said time for school boy! Maybe your angel said ewww it's time for light! Lord more like it-your doggity dog come and said, awwwww let's go walkin'! Wake up child!' during-Pigeons (07/02)
  • 'And the mushroom tasted so very-very, but had good connotations to it... in my mouth' during-Protein Drink (07/02)
  • 'This song is so pretty...' before-Her Dance Needs No Body (07/02)
  • 'Fuelin' our dreams eatin' scrambled eggs and beans' during-Fishwater (07/03)
  • 'Down a crooked little corner at night' during-Fishwater (07/03)
  • 'You better drive your shoes. Drive your shoes. Wake up now no one else cares how you drive your shoes' during-Tie Your Shoes (07/03)
  • 'Love your car. Better love your car. Wake up now no one knows how to love your car' during-Tie Your Shoes (07/03)
  • 'You better tie your girl. Tie your girl. Wake up now, lord she's thinkin' something freaky!' during-Tie Your Shoes (07/03) 
  • 'He's here!' before-Light Is Like Water (07/03)
  • 'Ah, let's do everybody a favor here. Aww, there's that little renegade. And directly from the light, to the murkiness of contemplation' before-Mercy (07/03)
  • 'Maybe in a past life, aw maybe it was last night. I really really really really can't remember' during-Rebirtha (07/03)
  • 'The dog, he been smiling all week. He know's, he knows, he knows' during-Papa's Home (07/03)
  • 'Ain't got no headphones, ain't got no iPod, ain't got no records to play.' during-Life During Wartime (07/05)
  • And old Charlie, he became some kinda gypsy cult figure. Charlie was so so so dry and hot, and L.A played him, and they paid him. And they played him-ten grand to make it rain. Almost ran him outa town, too-'Cause you gotta be careful what you wish for.' during-Hatfield (07/05)
  • Give me a hand there, Larry. I'm giving you my hand then too... Wings on the gravity, Larry! I give you my thoughts.' during-Gimme (07/05)
  • I'm gonna find some wings-a new way. I'm going up north!' during-North (07/05)
  • Someday, oh I'll be breathin' right baby.' during-Worry (07/05)
  • Slippin' down the coast. No more gas, just gravity sliding me down, down, down...' during-Goin' Out West (07/05)
  • I'm leavin, aww.. I'm chalk white!' during-Conrad (07/05)
  • In advance, we would thank Danny and Eric from Bloodkin for writing this song.' pre-Quarter Tank Of Gasoline 07/05)
  • 'Did you get kicked off your bench a little early this morning, too? Mean ole, mean ole police man' during-Diner (07/06) 
  •  'How do find ourselves just this way, brains keep on moving but our thoughts get in the way' during-Proving Ground (07/06)
  • 'I thought we were just playing plinky-plink' before-Airplane (07/06)
  • 'The moon came out the other day...' during-Ain't Life Grand (07/06)
  • 'You're out there on the highway, you're grooving right on by' during-Send Your Mind (07/06)
  • 'Send your mind and your body too' during-Send Your Mind (07/06)
  • 'Now love has scared you like a monster 'neath your bed' during-Climb To Safety (07/06)
  • 'Good evenin', folks' before-Old Neighborhood (07/08)
  • 'Kitty cat ain't afraid of that' during-Old Neighborhood (07/08)
  • 'Aw, hot-diggity-dog. Sto' and hold it in a bowl' during-Fishwater (07/08)
  • 'been traded up to pitch for the winning team' during-Jack (07/08)
  • 'Oh, baby didn't learn any words yet. Oh, baby just gettin'-makin' it through the night: the first night...Aw, gotta figure out-Lawd there like twelve things you gotta figure out the first night, you gotta figure out about shadows. How come this is wet and that's dry? Oww, what are those faces-mama's gettin' so close. It seems like they're gonna suck my face off! Oh, it's crazy scary outside-yeah but insiiiiiide! Inside the things breathe. Oh, inside. All the time people talk, use the same words, they usually thing about things and turn them into concrete things.' during-Barstools and Dreamers (07/08)
  • 'How much creation I had my hand in' during-This Part Of Town (07/08)
  • 'If you won't be my love I'm gonna find, gonna find your sister' during-Ribs And Whiskey (07/09)
  • 'Good mornin' little school girl, I'm gonna put on my sunglasses so she can't see me. Face look good-good enough to notice. Aw, I remember before you were born... Face look good but the law ain't ready' during-Arleen (07/09)
  • 'Look out  the window what do I see. Lord that chicken, some fried chicken-gnaw on the bone. Don't mind if I do. Lord, and a little ring. I said hello. Said, boy better. You better duck cause today is daddy's shooting day. Lord, now! Aww my rooms all full of pillows from last week anyway' during-Arleen (07/09)
  • 'Just like that kitty cat on the porch. No, he's over next door coming closer with the other kitty spirits. Oh, wake up wake up. Remember not to wake up too much. Remember what you're supposed to do, remember what you can do' during-Pigeons (07/09)
  • 'We got a wee bit left in us, here' before-Trouble (07/09)
  • 'The next room kept me up all night' during-Up All Night (07/09)
  • 'Look at how you laugh like your friend' during-Heroes (07/11) 
  • 'You smell like pie, oh mama that perfume. Child, papa coming home' during-Papa's Home (07/11)
  • 'Time to go look for work. Time to go win a few grand at the casino' during-Last Dance (07/11)
  • '5 more minutes. 5 more years, again. Watch The Daily Show. I swear I'm gonna wake up wake up' during-Last Dance (07/11)
  • 'Shut up and roll your dice. Wait a minute, I just got out here, I smell something. Said yeah, I smell something too. Shut up and roll your dice. Aww, I smell a rat. Oh, naw naw naw naw. Put your ear down here, put your ear down to the ground. Me and that ground we ain't laid no track before. Oh I swear, somethin' moving. This could be heard of buffalo. Could be Steve Jobs and all his shit! They're coming round the bend. I told ya, I see the smoke, oh God and I ain't blowing. We gotta go, we gotta go!' during-Let It Rock (07/11)
  • 'Oh, you like that one huh?' after-Let It Rock (07/11)
  • 'Yep, we went to the other side of the mirror there.' before-Crazy (07/11)
  • 'Goodnight and good luck, everybody' after-Weight Of The World (07/11)
  • 'This is a song by a grand man named Vic Chesnutt' before-Protein Drink (07/13)
  • 'Here's one by the late great Solomon Burke' before-None Of Us Are Free (07/13)
  • 'Well hello, again' before-Imitation Leather Shoes (07/13)
  • 'We got enough this time-lightning!' during-Love Tractor (07/13)
  • 'French fries and french fries and potatoes instead' during-Tickle The Truth (07/13)
  • 'Not wanting meet my savior. No-no-no-no-not-wantin'-to-meet-my, no-make-me-meet my savior' during-Pickin' Up The Pieces (07/13)
  • 'Wake up now, no one cares how you tie your shoes' during-Tie Your Shoes (07/13)
  • 'In the night, get on that pony and ride. Lord, I can see his eyes' during-Papa Legba (07/13)
  • 'I'm so spiking white' during-Conrad (07/13)
  • 'There goes a little scratch left of mother's mask' during-Rock(07/14)
  • 'Oh everybody onboard now, she got wings' during-Airplane (07/14)
  • 'Granny said I heard you's playing Heaven Bound, I said, no mama I'm playin' Alabamy Bound. She said boy you you you just breakin' down!' during-Stop Breakin' Down Blues (07/14)
  • 'Find out what I'm worth, the soul I am' during-North (07/14)
  • ‎'I remember Hatfield' mama. Really cool old lady. Take care of us after school in the summertime. She's changin' a bicycle while you're out doin' somethin' else. Aww, hear that wheel come off and said, I don't know, where do all wheels come from? She said, this come from around and around and around. Hatfield's mama-now she was 70 years old and German. Eww, but she coulda been an old black blues man. Eww, we were sittin' back. The window would be cracked open a little bit. You'd hear her, strummin on two strings left she had on her banjo. Sound like the combination of a dog and an angel was all comin' through her fingers and her voice. Hatfield loved his mama but there was nothin, nothin' he knew about or could work with on that. That conviction, he could see it, it was born in her. That's-how-we-learned-to-m​ake-rain. Hatfield-could-make-rain. Just lookin' around and knowin' how things got together! That made rain for L.A...' during-Hatfield (07/14)
  • 'I don't mind dyin', but I hate to see the babies cry' during-Fixin' To Die (07/14) 
  • 'Now my wife's got the blues, so I naturally gottem' during-Ain't Life Grand (07/14) 
  • 'Naw, lord she said she couldn't sleep. I know that boyfriend that she used to have was the same boyfriend came around back in here. But me, I couldn't. I got knocked off my bench a little early this morning, too. But now, oh just me and Miss Lee! Sometimes folks from somewhere else were just pullin' back back back back. Hanging in the light, it's not fluorescence, it's essence' during-Diner (07/14)
  • 'Next city's light, ohhhh starry now' during-Pilgrims (07/14)
  • 'Down a street down another connected street' during-Fishwater (07/14)
  • 'Thank y'all. You made this feel really good tonight' before-Expiration Day (07/14)
  • 'Thank you very much, Los Angeles. And more importantly, thank you very much people!' after-Proving Ground (07/14)
  • 'I don't know what's right. Lord you take me out... You put me through the ringer last night' during-It Ain't No Use (07/15)
  • 'Yeah, people don't even know the words that people use. It's already tough when people talk, oh they get these ideas the picture, they use word and color it like they only got tight crayons in a box. For you southern people that's craay-ons. Oh and baby don't care what the people say. Oh, they don't care what the people think. Oh, the baby lookin' at you and the crayon box and imagination is so full!' during-Barstools and Dreamers (07/15)
  •  'You look so nice, like a picture on the wall. Wanna get you here in my arms' during-You Should Be Glad (07/15)
  • 'If you want believe my love, eeeew look under your covers! If you won't be my love, check that out' during-Ribs and Whiskey (07/15)
  • 'Ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous Mr. Karl Denson' before-Second Skin (07/15)
  • 'Let's turn it up so we can't hear his mom' during-Radio Child (07/16)
  • 'You could tickle the air with what she had left on. Oh, and what she didn't had a little tickle to it! Oh, some a dat! A little bit more sometimes. You be dancin', you be in and out of consciousness and sometimes thinkin out every word and all that you been thinkin' and then you look and no it's just a lady and other times it be something else!' during-Sharon (07/16) 
  • 'Bodies are scattered around. I saw one little boy's little eyes fixed on that crack over there aw she appeared and disappeared and he was not leaving. And I believe he was in that ten until this day. Even when that tent leaves that little boy is right there about, yeah about four steps up where the grandstand woulda been, just like hangin' there in the field, just waiting. Reminds me of somebody...' during-Sharon (07/16)
  • 'Lawd, memories memories memories of the old neighborhood' during-Sharon (07/16)
  • 'Child, just like another wrinkle in your forehead. Forehead behind your scull, too. A lot a wrinkles on the brain, too. Raise the eyebrows a little further' during-Pigeons (07/16)
  • 'Aww dig it! Aw, I need a margarita and a pot pie. Aww, it's gonna be a long night!' during-Coconuts (07/16) 
  • 'And a little space, aw lookin' in the closet' during-Space Wrangler (07/16) 
  • 'Thank you ladies and gents, see you... later' after-Porch Song (07/16)

Welcome Back:

  • L.a. (LTP 155: 04/19/09)
  • Do What You Like (LTP 169: 11/05/08)
  • Mama Told Me Not To Come (LTP 129: 10/31/09)
  • Wild Thing (LTP 688: 10/31/01)
  • Dirty Business (LTP 94: 05/08/10)
  • Let's Get The Show On The Road (LTP 92: 06/25/10)
  • Crippled Inside (LTP 215: 07/02/08)
  • Easy Wind (LTP 2468: 09/01/87)
  • Crazy (LTP 71: 07/30/10)
  • Entering A Black Hole Backwards (LTP 130: 11/18/09)
  • Sympathy For The Devil (LTP 216: 07/08/08)
  • All Along The Watchtower (LTP 612: 04/30/03)

Nice To Meet You:

  • Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
  • Wild Thing Reprise

Not Played:

  • Casa Del Grillo
  • Gradle
  • Nobody's Loss
  • Sleepy Monkey
  • Three Candles
  • Time Waits
  • Walk On The Flood
  • You'll Be Fine

Other Notables:

  • Are You Ready For The Country?
  • Born Under A Bad Sign
  • Can't Find My Way Home
  • Chunk Of Coal
  • Cream Puff War
  • Fairies Wear Boots
  • Genesis
  • Hope In A Hopeless World
  • Jesus Just Left Chicago
  • Knockin' 'Round The Zoo
  • Lawyers, Guns, And Money
  • Let It Rock
  • Life During Wartime
  • Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
  • Maggot Brain
  • New Speedway Boogie
  • Nobody's Fault But Mine
  • None Of Us Are Free
  • One Kind Favor
  • Ophelia
  • Quarter Tank Of Gasoline
  • Red Beans
  • She Caught The Katy
  • Smokestack Lightning
  • Strange Times
  • Sultans Of Swing
  • The Shape I'm In
  • Trouble
  • Vampire Blues
  • Waitin' For The Bus
  • Weak Brain, Narrow Mind


  • Randall Bramblett & The Mega-Blasters
  • Bruce Hornsby
  • Phil Bass
  • Steve Lopez
  • Eric McFadden
  • Kevin Harris
  • Efren Towns
  • Jerry Joseph
  • Ivan Neville
  • Ian Neville
  • Wally Ingram
  • Karl Denson
  • Carrot Top
  • Widespread Panic Crew


    06/12/2011 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Manchester, TN Stream | Download 

    O: Arleen* > Fishwater*, Weight of the World*, Tall Boy*, Surprise Valley > Protein Drink > Sewing Machine, Shut Up and Drive, North, Saint Ex > Action Man, You Should Be Glad*, Up All Night*, Old Neighborhood*, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker), Her Dance Needs No Body**, Red Hot Mama*# > Jam > Red Hot Mama, Bust It Big*, Pigeons > Chilly Water > Love Tractor > Chilly Water (154 mins)

    * with The Megablasters
    ** with Bruce Hornsby on keyboard, The Mega-Blasters on horns

    Notes: Only 'Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)' | 'The Other One' tease during 'Her Dance Needs No Body' | Sunday Night Festival Headliner | 10th Annual Bonnaroo Music Festival | Showtime: 8:45pm CST | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    06/14/2011 Austin City Limits at Moody Theater, Austin, TX Stream | Download

    1: Jam > Driving Song > Disco > Driving Song > C. Brown, Jaded Tourist, Impossible > Smokestack Lightning > Gimme, Stop-Go > Walk On (69 minutes) 

    2: Cotton Was King, Rock, Holden Oversoul > Christmas Katie > Radio Child, Barstools and Dreamers > Machine > Drums* > Flicker > Pilgrims > Climb To Safety (88 minutes) 

    E: Don't Wanna Lose You > Bowlegged Woman

    * with Phil Bass on percussion 

    Notes: 'Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)' rap during 'Barstools and Dreamers' | Soundcheck: 'She Caught The Katy', 'Little Wing', 'Stop Breakin' Down Blues' | Austin City Limits Live | Doors: 6:00pm CST / Showtime: 7:00pm CST |  Seating Capacity: 2,700 | Watch the show LIVE in full HD | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    06/15/2011 Austin City Limits at Moody Theater, Austin, TX Stream | Download 

    1: Heroes, Junior, Chainsaw City*, Little Kin, B of D, Diner > Blight > Party at Your Mama's House > Ribs and Whiskey (68 minutes) 

    2: Waitin' For The Bus > Jesus Just Left Chicago, Imitation Leather Shoes > Jack, Visiting Day, Rebirtha > I Walk On Guilded Splinters > You Got Yours, Papa's Home > Henry Parsons Died (81 minutes)

     E: Dirty Side Down, Pleas > Mr. Soul (20 minutes)
    * with Steve Lopez on percussion
    Notes: Fast 'Visiting Day' | 'Cars' jam during 'You Got Yours' | 'Third Stone From The Sun' tease before 'Pleas'  | Austin City Limits Live | Doors: 6:00pm CST / Showtime: 7:00pm CST | Seating Capacity: 2,700 | Watch the show LIVE in full HD | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


    06/17/2011 Gexa Energy Pavilion, Dallas, TX Stream | Download

    1: The Take Out > Ain't Life Grand > Worry, Can't Get High, Aunt Avis, Angels on High > Greta > Little Lilly, Blackout Blues, Porch Song 

    2: All Time Low > Hatfield > True To My Nature, Space Wrangler > Ride Me High > Tie Your Shoes > Drums and Bass > Tie Your Shoes, Blue Indian, North 

    E: Me And The Devil Blues > Heaven 

    Notes: 'Live and Let Die' tease during 'Little Lilly' | Soundcheck: Clinic Cynic, Shut Up And Drive | Big Gigantic Opened | Seating Capacity: 20,110 | Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 7:00pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    06/18/2011 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands, TX Stream | Download

    1: Surprise Valley > Love Tractor > Surprise Valley > I'm Not Alone, Good People > Dark Bar > Good People > Better Off, Clinic Cynic, Shut Up and Drive, Life During Wartime (64 mins)

    2: From The Cradle > Pigeons, Airplane > Second Skin > Goin' Out West, Mercy > Big Wooly Mammoth > Vampire Blues > Conrad (81 mins)

    E: That Don't Make It Junk, Fishwater

    Notes: Seating Capacity: 16,500 | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show
    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    06/19/2011 Brady Theater, Tulsa, OK

    Solid Rock, Walkin' (For Your Love) > Wondering, Bear's Gone Fishin' > Stop Breakin' Down Blues, The Last Straw > One Kind Favor > Proving Ground > Dyin' Man > Give (64 mins) 

    Papa Legba  > One Arm Steve > Jam > Travelin' Light, Her Dance Needs No Body > Chilly Water > Contentment Blues > Bust It Big, You Should Be Glad

    E: May Your Glass Be Filled, Use Me > Makes Sense To Me

    Notes: Seating Capacity: 2,800 | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    06/22/2011 Kit Carson Park, Taos, NM Stream | Download

    Old Neighborhood, Disco > Holden Oversoul, Who Do You Belong To?, Papa Johnny Road, Cotton Was King, Driving Song > Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) > Driving Song, Protein Drink > Sewing Machine (63 mins)

    2: Thought Sausage, Machine > Barstools And Dreamers, Happy > Saint Ex, Greta > Red Hot Mama* > Fixin' To Die* > Red Hot Mama, Tall Boy (69 mins)

    E: Dream Song,  Pilgrims, Ain't Life Grand

    * with Eric McFadden on guitar

    Notes: 'Send Your Mind' tease before 'Papa Johnny Road' | Doors: 5:00pm / Showtime: 7:00pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    06/24/2011 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO Stream | Download

    1: Postcard, Glory, Send Your Mind > Sleeping Man, Dirty Side Down, Ribs and Whiskey > Party At Your Mama's House > Space Wrangler > Blackout Blues > Climb To Safety (64 mins)

    2: Pigeons > Fishwater, L.a. > Jack, Visiting Day, Do What You Like > Pleas > Imitation Leather Shoes > Papa's Home > Drums and Bass > Papa's Home > Junior (92 mins)

    E: This Part of Town, 1x1, Radio Child (21 mins)

    Notes: Fast 'Visiting Day' | Last 'Do What You Like'- 11/05/08, 169 Shows | Last 'L.a.'- 04/19/09, 155 Shows | Sold Out | Doors: 5:00pm / Showtime: 7:00pm | Seating Capacity: 9,450 | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    06/25/2011 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO Stream | Download

    1: Sometimes, North > Rock > Hatfield, True To My Nature, Time Zones, The Take Out > Rebirtha > Blue Indian, Porch Song (64 mins)

    2: Henry Parsons Died, All Time Low, Down, Jaded Tourist, Tortured Artist > Chilly Water > Arleen > Drums > Vacation > Impossible > Action Man (88 mins)

    E: Up All Night, Bust It Big > Mr Soul

    Notes: 'Fixin' To Die' jam during 'Arleen' | Sold Out | Doors: 5:00pm / Showtime: 7:00pm | Seating Capacity: 9,450 | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    06/26/2011 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO Stream | Download

    1: Wondering > Surprise Valley > C. Brown, Little Kin, Pickin' Up The Pieces, Stop Go > Big Wooly Mammoth, Worry, Love Tractor, Conrad (69 mins)

    2: No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature, Bowlegged Woman, Lawyers, Guns, and Money, Can't Find My Way Home, Mama Told Me Not To Come, Knocking 'Round The Zoo, Walk On > I Walk On Guilded Splinters > Red Beans, Fairies Wear Boots > Sharon > Wild Thing^^ (78 mins)

    E: Wild Thing Reprise, Sultans of Swing > Goin' Out West, End Of The Show (19 mins)

    Notes: Only 'Wild Thing Reprise' | 'Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child' rap during 'Can't Find My Way Home | Last 'Mama Told Me Not To Come' - 10/31/09, 129 shows | Last 'Wild Thing'- 10/31/01, 688 shows | Sold Out | Doors: 2:00pm / Showtime: 4:00pm | Seating Capacity: 9,450 | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    06/29/2011 Idaho Botanical Gardens, Boise, ID Stream | Download

    1: Give > Travelin' Light,  Better Off, Diner > Angels on High, Airplane > Climb To Safety, Good People > Dark Bar > Good People, Holden Oversoul  (68 mins)

    2: Hope In A Hopeless World,  Flicker > Proving Ground, Cotton Was King, Shut Up and Drive, You Got Yours, One Arm Steve > Driving Song > Breathing Slow, Weight of the World > Makes Sense To Me (74 mins)

    E: Trouble, Walkin' (For Your Love)

    Notes: Doors: 5:30pm / Showtime: 6:30pm MST | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


    07/01/2011 Grand Targhee Resort Amphitheater, Alta, WY Stream | Download
    1: Ain't Life Grand > Who Do You Belong To? > Little Lilly > Tall Boy > Tickle The Truth > Let's Get Down To Business, Use Me* > Travelin' Man > You Should Be Glad 

    2: Thought Sausage > B of D > Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Saint Ex > It Ain't No Use > Drums > Ride Me High* > Pilgrims > Chainsaw City**

    E: Greta > City Of Dreams

    * with Kevin Harris on saxophone
    ** with Efren Towns on trumpet, Steve Lopez on percussion

    Notes: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The New Mastersounds, and J-Boogie opened | Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 6:15pm | Alta, WY Shows to be Filmed in HD | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    07/02/2011 Grand Targhee Resort Amphitheater, Alta, WY Stream | Download 

    1: A of D > Space Wrangler > Stop Breakin' Down Blues, Visiting Day, Weak Brain, Narrow Mind, Can't Get High > Don't Wanna Lose You > Pigeons > Contentment Blues, New Speedway Boogie (61 mins) 

    2: From the Cradle > Radio Child > Slippin' Into Darkness* > Disco > Second Skin > Bears Gone Fishin' > I'm Not Alone, Ribs and Whiskey, Protein Drink/Sewing Machine (76 mins) 

    E: Her Dance Needs No Body > Maggot Brain > Chilly Water

    * with Steve Lopez on percussion

    Notes: 'Alabamy Bound' and 'Baldhead' rap during 'Stop Breakin' Down Blues' | Fast 'Visiting Day' | The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The New Mastersounds, and J-Boogie opened | Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 6:15pm |
    Alta, WY Shows to be Filmed in HD | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland
    07/03/2011 Grand Targhee Resort Amphitheater, Alta, WY Stream | Download

    1: Heroes > Junior > Chunk of Coal, Dirty Side Down, Jaded Tourist > Impossible > Imitation Leather Shoes, The Last Straw > Dirty Business > Fishwater (64 mins)

    2: Tie Your Shoes > St Louis, All Time Low, Light Is Like Water*, Mercy > Jam > Bust It Big > Drums > Dream Song, Rebirtha > Low Spark of High Heeled Boys > Surprise Valley > Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, Henry Parsons Died (95 mins)

    E: May Your Glass Be Filled, Are You Ready For The Country? > Papa's Home

    * with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals

    Notes: 'The Other One' tease during 'Dirty Business' | 'Short'nin Bread' tease during 'Light Is Like Water' | Last 'Dirty Business'- 5/08/10, 84 shows | Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons and Michal Menert opened | Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 6:15pm |
    Alta, WY Shows to be Filmed in HD | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    07/05/2011 Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA

    1: Solid Rock, Love Tractor, Papa Johnny Road > Hatfield > Shut Up and Drive, Time Zones > Gimme > North > Big Wooly Mammoth > Worry (72 mins)

    2: Holden Oversoul > Stop Go > Blackout Blues, Aunt Avis, Goin' Out West, Driving Song > Blight > Driving Song, Dyin' Man, Conrad (70 mins)

    E: Quarter Tank of Gasoline, Life During Wartime (12 mins)

    Notes: Doors: 6:00pm / Showtime: 7:00pm | Seating Capacity: 2,807 | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


    07/06/2011 Cuthbert Amphitheater, Eugene, OR Stream | Download

    1: Glory, Rock, Little Kin > Action Man, True To My Nature > Diner > C. Brown, Good People > Dark Bar > Good People > Give, Mr. Soul (62 mins)

    2: Bowlegged Woman > Proving Ground > Bowlegged Woman, Wondering > Cotton Was King, Born Under A Bad Sign*, Red Hot Mama*, Airplane > Drums > Drums and Bass > Greta, Genesis, Ain't Life Grand (84 mins)

    E: Let's Get The Show On The Road, Send Your Mind, Climb To Safety

    * with Ivan Neville on keys, Ian Neville on guitar

    Notes: 'Highway To Heaven' rap during 'Diner' | Last 'Let's Get The Show On The Road'- 06/25/10, 92 shows | Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk opened | Seating Capacity: 5,000 | A Food Drive Event | Doors: 4:30pm / Showtime: 6:00pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


    07/08/2011 Fox Theater, Oakland, CA Stream | Download 
    1: Old Neighborhood > Fishwater, Saint Ex, Crippled Inside, Walkin' (For Your Love), Flicker > Blue Indian, L.a. > Jack, Cream Puff War (68 minutes)

    Strange Times, Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Clinic Cynic, Party At Your Mama's House > Space Wrangler, You Should Be Glad, Pleas > Chilly Water > Bust It Big > Chilly Water

    E: This Part Of Town, B of D > Makes Sense To Me 

    Notes: Last 'Crippled Inside'- 07/02/08, 215 shows | A Food Drive Event | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Seating Capacity: 2,800 | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    78oakland.jpg Widespread Panic Oakland

    07/09/2011 Fox Theater, Oakland, CA Stream | Download

    1: Angels On High, Rebirtha, Ribs and Whiskey, Dark Day Program, Visiting Day, Henry Parson Died, The Take Out, Tall Boy > Arleen > Porch Song (69 mins)

    2: Disco > Pigeons > Easy Wind > Pigeons, All Time Low > Surprise Valley > Drums > Surprise Valley, Pilgrims, Radio Child > Travelin' Light

    E: Trouble, Up All Night, Junior

    Notes: Fast 'Visiting Day' | Last 'Easy Wind'- 08/01/87, 2468 shows | A Food Drive Event | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Seating Capacity: 2,800 | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


    07/11/2011 Grand Sierra Theatre, Reno, NV Stream | Download

    1: Driving Song > Cotton Was King > Heaven > Driving Song, Heroes, Wondering > Sleeping Man, Tortured Artist > 1x1, Papa's Home > Last Dance (77 mins)

    2: One Arm Steve > Who Do You Belong To?, Jaded Tourist > Christmas Katie > Let It Rock, Crazy, Ride Me High > Drums > Drums and Bass > Stop Go > You Got Yours, Thought Sausage > Blackout Blues (92 mins) 

    E: I'm Not Alone, Contentment Blues, Weight of the World (16 mins)

    Notes: 'Morning Dew' tease before 'I'm Not Alone | A Food Drive Event | Seating Capacity :1,800 | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


    07/13/2011 The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA Stream | Download

    1: Protein Drink > Sewing Machine, Can't Get High > Greta > Better Off, None Of Us Are Free, Little Lilly > St. Louis > Shut Up And Drive > Holden Oversoul (63 mins)

    2: Imitation Leather Shoes > Love Tractor, Tickle The Truth, Pickin Up The Pieces, Chainsaw City* > Jam* > Drums** > Papa Legba** > Bear's Gone Fishin', Tie Your Shoes > Walk On, Conrad (99 mins) 

    E: Her Dance Needs No Body, Big Wooly Mammoth(14mins)

    * with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals, Wally Ingram on percussion

    ** with Wally Ingram on percussion

    Notes: A Food Drive Event |Seating Capacity: 2,300 | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


    07/14/2011 The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA Stream | Download

    1: From the Cradle, Mr Soul, Rock, Airplane > Stop Breakin' Down Blues, Down, Dirty Side Down, She Caught The Katy, Hatfield, Fixin' To Die (73 mins) 

    2: Lawyers Guns & Money, Good People > Dark Bar > Good People > North, Mercy > Nobody's Fault But Mine, Ain't Life Grand, Diner > Pilgrims > Fishwater > Drums > Drums and Bass > Fishwater (90 mins) 

    E: Expiration Day > Postcard > Proving Ground

    Notes: 'Twilight Zone' tease before 'She Caught The Katy' | 'Maki Madni' tease before 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' | 'N.I.B.' tease during 'Drums and Bass' | 'Eminence Front' rap during 'Fishwater' | JB without guitar for 'Postcard' | A Food Drive Event |Seating Capacity: 2,300 | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show

    07/15/2011 The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV Stream | Download 

    1: Little Kin > Action Man, Saint Ex,  It Ain't No Use >  C. Brown, B of D, Dyin' Man, Machine > Barstools And Dreamers > Travelin' Man > You Should Be Glad (77 mins)

    2: Impossible > Pleas > Bust It Big > Ribs And Whiskey > Party At Your Mama's House > Second Skin* > Goin' Out West* > Drums > Entering A Black Hole Backwards > Chilly Water > Sympathy For The Devil** > Chilly Water (100 mins)

    E: Old Joe, Walkin' (For Your Love), Give (13 mins)

    * with Karl Denson on saxophone
    ** with Steve Lopez on percussion

    Notes: Last 'Entering A Black Hole Backwards'- 11/18/09, 130 shows | Last 'Sympathy For The Devil- 07/08/08, 216 shows | A Food Drive Event | with Special Guest: Karl Denson's Tiny Universe | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show


    07/16/2011 The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV Stream | Download

    1: Henry Parsons Died, Climb To Safety, Radio Child, Sharon, Visiting Day, Rebirtha, Driving Song > Disco > Breathing Slow > Driving Song, All Along The Watchtower, All Time Low (77 mins)

    2: Pigeons > Junior, That Don't Make It Junk, Coconut*, Jack, Surprise Valley > Heaven > Drums > Drums and Bass > Surprise Valley, Space Wrangler** > Tall Boy (85 mins)
    E: When You Coming Home, Ophelia > The Shape I'm In, Porch Song

    * with Carrot Top on percussion
    ** with Widespread Panic Crew Members on percussion

    Notes: Fast 'Visiting Day' | 'Old Neighborhood' rap during 'Sharon' | Last 'All Along The Watchtower'- 04/30/03, 612 shows | A Food Drive Event | Lotus opened | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 8:00pm | Seating Capacity: 4,000 | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show