Angels On High Lyrics

co-written by Terry Manning
with The Compass Point Horns
Jawara Adams on Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Tino Richardson on Saxophones 
Terry Manning on Valve Trombone
Transcribed by: Alex Moura

Baby rubs her eyes, a far away sleep
Returning home, her soul to keep
If she cries before the morning wakes
Hold her close, she will not break

Angels on high
The children these days
Sing to their Mothers and Dads
With love and lullabies

Old man opens his eyes a darkened dream
Sees only color, begins to weep
The baby smiles, the earth awakes
Crystal promise will not forsake

Angels on high
The children these days
Look into their parent's eyes
With love and lullabies

That baby grows up, woman or man
Ever so since life began
Return to sender, come back again
Rainbow child cannot pretend

Angels on high
The babies born today
Cover the Earth
With love and lullabies