Free Somehow Guitar Tab

with Bruce Hoffman on fiddle 
with Sandra Rhodes, Brenda Barnett & Charlie Chalmers on backing vocals
Transcribed by: Psychokiller

D Dm C G (walkdown between C and G)

I wanna be free right now
Voices inside my head
I know I’ll be free somehow
Quietest voices said
Oh staying awake a while
Old movies in black and bliss
Lost and still found somehow
In a place like this
A place just like this

Little windows of fantasy
Her eyes telling what she sees
Stepping back from this world for now
I think that I’ll be coming round
F C (C# walkup) D
I think I should be coming round

Wanna be free somehow
See the forest for the grass
Wonder through it all
Through the looking glass
A smile appears in the tree branch there
Take the Hatters words in jest
Don’t wake her up she could be dreaming you
Just take in a little rest
A couple of moments rest

Kids remembering just to be
Make it up as they go
Stepping back from the mirrors and smoke
I think that I’ll be coming round
Think I might be coming round
Guess that I’ll be coming round

I wanna be free somehow
Voices inside my head
Oh I got to be free right now
Quietest voices said
Settle in for a while
Some things we’ll never miss
We’re lost and still found somehow
What are you doing in a place like this?
A nice girl in a place like this

Like she’s watching a comedy
She’s laughing in her sleep
Drifting out of my body now
Don’t think I’ll be coming down
I don’t think I’ll be coming down
Don’t think I’ll be coming down