Shut Up And Drive Lyrics

Transcribed by: Alex Moura

Whisper daddy, I love your stories
Wanna hear em all, not just now
You said baby, you talk in pictures
I wanna see it all, but not right now

Can talk this sunrise to life
For this minute oh she sighs
Shut Up and Drive

Hitchhiker, praying to the headlights
You don't slow down, not this night
Cactus shadows, in the blue moonlight
let's not get fooled, fool, with view high in sight

Dessert has oh no night
First things first she sighed
Shut Up and Drive

Wake up little girl, wake up wake up
You and me got hours, before day light
Baby, did you hear that new song on the radio
just came true, on last nights ride

Settle, shifting all night, dreaming the sunrise alive
make it real if we just close our eyes
I see it too, oh baby
Shut Up and Drive