Tickle The Truth Lyrics

Transcribed by: Alex Moura

She complained you look different
You and I'm keeping my name
You're not drinking the usual
I said it all tastes the same
She said you smell like L.A.
You, but check out my new frames

You know, these cool shades make you look bitchin'

She split from our table
Mumblin' remember to tip
I had a twenty in ready
But I said I might just skip
Some people act funny
When you're just tryin' to be hip

Spend a little time outside of the kitchen

Magnificent miles
Trying out my new walk
If people are watching
It's like stepping on chalk
The learning curves behind
Like a memory stalks

But in all it's an innocent mission

She rang late last night
Said that wasn't you was it
I said all colors of money
Are fit for deposit
Half naked right now
I've got soup in the closet

Sometimes with words I'm just fishin'

Should I come over
It sounds like you need me
I said that's funny
You sound like my TV
Just try this thing once
It'll make life so easy

Even puppies come under suspicion

My lover came knockin'
I opened the door
With an apple in my hand
She said, what's that core
It's the past and the future
But I shouldn't say more

It's just my radio hissin'

I know you too well
I know you're no villain
I said, don't look now
Because I'm ripping off Dylan
What you see is a little crusty
The real thing's the fillin'

The sound bit from a verbal beautician

All the jokers in the world
They're swarming like bees
Catch one to the head
Make you fall to your knees
Lenny Bruce was a prophet
In the 1960's

Two shows at tonight's inquisition

Driftin' in dreamland
Lost in the bed
The body's ups and down's
Are just food for the head
It's front page and french fries
Or the Funny
Pages instead

Tickle the truth into submission