Up All Night Lyrics

with Sandra Rhodes on Backing Vocals
Brenda Barnett on Backing Vocals
Charlie Chalmers on Backing Vocals
The Compass Point Horns:
Jawara Adams on Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Tino Richardson on Saxophones 
Terry Manning on Valve Trombone
Transcribed by: Alex Moura

Can't sleep
I've been up all night
Laughing in Savannah
At the Bay street Moon
Wet smell of sulfur
From the cobblestones
Been up all night

I Dream of Heaven
But I feel like hell
Children in their church clothes
Sunday mornin' Bells
My Head is spinnin'
They're Taking their toll
Been up all night

Best thing about New Year's
Is the Christmas lights
Hiding out in the day
Exposed at night
Sunrise is sunset
Georgia Sky
I've been up all night
We've been out all night
I've been up all night
We've been up all night