Walk On The Flood Guitar Tab

Transcribed by: Psychokiller

Em G C (walk down)
Em G Am

Em D D Em
They kill it in the comedy clubs; they kill it in the schools
Em F Em
Make a killin' on Wall Street, it's just the golden rule
Am Em
Do unto others should be what they do
B (walk up D#, F# octave) Em
Remember the memories; we were all once children too
G C Em
Ashes, Ashes, all in the name of who?

We said howdy neighbor, I love you mom and dad
If you're a stranger you must want something we have
I know you don't like me, Am I really that bad?
Remember the school yard; there were no strangers in that sand

G Am Em
Ashes, Ashes, let's see a show of hands
G C Em
All gonna fly, we're gonna need a safe place to land

F#m Em F#m Em
This is the picture, painted this morning
F#m Em C
These are the colors, memories forming
Am D
These are the pictures, that we painted together

Em G Am Em
Em G C

We elected our leader, so we've been told
There's no right to complain, for a forward they sew
Slogan of the day is, put peace on hold
Lennon would have us laughing, if we'd have just let him grow

Pacifist, pacifist
A real sight to behold

Some people feel so much, we make them do drugs
Mr. Rodgers an old ?, and it’s shadows and blood
Tryin' and dyin', water and mud

Forgive for the love, take a walk on the flood
Forgive them for their love, walk on the flood

Ashes, Ashes
and blood on the flood

This is the picture, painted this morning
These are the colors, earnest was my warning

These are the pictures, I painted this morning
These are the colors, memories forming

These are the pictures we painted together.