When You Coming Home Lyrics

with John Keane on pedal steel
Anne Richmond Boston on backup vocals
Transcribed by: Alex Moura
Well honey, When You Coming Home?
Oh baby, When You Coming Home?

There's a fire in the kitchen, a fire in the bed
One needs puttin' out, other one must be fed

You've been away so long, I wanna kiss your face
Screen door slams to an empty space
No one's here to talk to, do I really make a sound alone?

Oh baby, When You Coming Home?

Honey, how long you gonna stay?
Oh Baby, how long you think you'll stay?

We'll be laughing with some friends, fall asleep watching TV
For the first few days let's just make it you and me

You've been away so long, you were just right here
Some dreams fade, don't you disappear
Waking up in the mornin', you're still holding on to the telephone

Oh Baby, When You Coming Home?

Right now, I close my eyes inside
And I'll hold you, with my arms so tight
Well I believe I do believe, I hear your voice a little clearer
Well I believe just believe, that you're right here

And I open my eyes, kiss my face
Tears and laughter, fill time and space
We're all dreamers of this world
And you and me, we're a lifelong home

Oh baby, When You Coming Home?

Oh, wish me home
Oh, wish me home