When You Coming Home Guitar Tab

Transcribed by: dointhepanicdance

Intro Chords: Fmaj7 - F - C/Csus4 - Bb

Intro Lick: (play between the Fmaj7 and F intro chords)


        G        (C)                         G
Well honey, when you coming home?
      C                                    G
Oh baby, when you coming home?
Em                                                           G
There's a fire in the kitchen, a fire in the bed
Am                                                             D
One needs putting out, other one must be fed
F7                                                    D     C      F*   F7                                 D  C         F
You've been gone so long, I wanna kiss your face Screen door slams into an empty space
Am                                                                          D
No one's here to talk to, do I really make a sound alone?
G                              (C)      G
Oh baby, when you coming home?

Repeat for all verses. ending chords ("woah, oh, wish me home") is just an F to G change.

*the D-C-F chord changes are more of a walking bass than strummed chords, listen to the record for timing.

Use lots of Suspend chords (sus4 specifically) to match all of Jimmy's little licks and fills between each chord change, and make sure to keep the high-E string open on the Fmaj7 chords to get the phrasing right.