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Nice To Meet You:  

  • Midnight Special
  • Time Is On My Side
  • Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

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12/30/12 The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC Stream | Download

Stop Go > Pleas, Give, Christmas Katie > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl > Radio Child, Trouble, Pickin' Up The Pieces > Good People > Use Me > Makes Sense To Me

2: Diner > Blackout Blues, St. Louis, Space Wrangler, It Ain't No Use, Hatfield > Impossible > Worry > Climb To Safety

E: Papa's Home > Travelin' Light

[Tunes For Tots Benefit Concert; Soundcheck: 'Worry'; 'The Other One' jam after 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl'; 'You Should Be Glad' tease during 'Radio Child'; 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl' rap during 'Use Me'; 'Red Hot Mama' tease during 'It Ain't No Use'; 'Wicked Game' tease during 'It Ain't No Use']

Notes: SOLD OUT: $150.00 GA / $500.00 VIP | Tunes for Tots Info | Doors: 5:00pm VIP / 7:00pm GA / Showtime: 8:00pm | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show | Seating Capacity: 2,000 (includes VIP area with private bar and restrooms) | Charlotte Fillmore Seating Chart

Charlotte Fillmore

Something Special: 

  • 6th-annual Tunes For Tots Charity Event marks Widespread Panic's return from a 9.5 month hiatus - a celebratory evening that will raise money for instruments and equipment to fund Music Education in schools.
  • A VIP cocktail party for 50 lucky fans includes early entry at 5pm for a pre-show party with the band, drinks and buffet, exclusive VIP access, and an autographed poster.
  • Folks are lining up at 2pm to score a good spot inside the intimate Fillmore Charlotte
  • 'Worry' soundcheck is heard from the line at 4pm
  • Minutes before the doors open, Sunny appears at the front of the line to toss out a few t-shirts
  • "This is a ticketless entry event! Form a single file line, have your party together, an ID and the credit card you used to purchase your tickets."
  • Contrary to reports that the band is rehearsing new songs for the show tonight and thus audio streaming is forbidden, Team Dirty South and Zman get the green-light from Tour Manager Steve Lopez, and Couch Tour commences.
  • Introductory House Music at 8:01 pm: 'The Boys Are Back In Town'
  • Jimmy Herring changes equipment, using a Paul Reed Smith guitar, Fuchs Overdrive Supreme and Two Rock Custom Reverb Signature V3 heads powering Two Rock and Orange cabinets
  • Closing House Music: 'Welcome Back' (Theme song from Welcome Back, Kotter)
  • Just 3 songs not played on Wood Tour: Give, Impossible, Radio Child
  • Venue Capacity / Attendance / Type: 2,000 / 1,600 (1,550 General Admission + 50 VIP) / Theater
  • Previous Shows at Venue: N/A
  • Number of Songs / Length - First Set: 11 / 78 minutes
  • Number of Songs / Length - Second Set: 9 / 90 minutes
  • Number Of Songs / Length - Encore: 2 / 15 minutes
  • Total Number Of Songs / Cover / Originals: 22 / 7 / 15
  • Biggest Bustout: Give, 21 shows
  • Average Song Vintage: 1993
  • Debut: N/A
  • Album Rundown: Space Wrangler:3; Widespread Panic: 1; Everyday: 5; Ain't Life Grand: 1; Bombs & Butterflies: 1; 'Til The Medicine Takes: 2; Don't Tell The Band: 1; Earth To America: 1; Dirty Side Down: 1; Unreleased Originals: 2; Other People's Albums: 4
  • Longest LiveWidespreadPanic Track / Shortest LiveWidespreadPanic Track: Diner 18:33 / Trouble 3:31
  • Soundboard Audio: 12/30/12 Charlotte, NC
  • Stream: Panicstream.com
  • Poster:


  • 'Now was a fool, wastin' time, searchin' my mind. The less inside you find, the more time to search. Relax, like we used to... get to where we goin' in a day.' during-Stop Go
  • 'I can hear you crackin' in the closet. I think we better give before we, oh, oh, oh!' during-Give
  • 'I can hear you scrappin' in the closet.' during-Give
  • 'I think we better give, child... It was goin' around. Everything is alright. Carnival comin' to town - lights too bright.' during-Give
  • 'Good morning little schoolgirl. walking' right past today. Oh, got something else… gonna surpass this day. I love you, I'll never do you no harm. Oh, you're precious, precious, precious…' during-Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
  • 'Good morning little schoolgirl - time we make it back. Oh... if you want me, too. If you want me, too. Oh, little babe, where'd you learn that? I said, from your brother! I said - aww, I don't care baby. I said I'll be back, I'll be back, more.' during-Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
  • 'Radio, radio, radio. Aww, sing. Breathin' it in. Dream's full, shut the door, and let that baby be. Aww, mama let's you and me get on with it!' (4:35 mark, check this one) during-Radio Child
  • 'Cat Stevens' after-Trouble
  • 'Get it, get it, get it' during-Use Me
  • 'Ain't no big deal you usin' me 'cause I know I'm using you to do the things you do. Yeah, yeah! Lawd, lawd I'm using you too. Good morning little schoolgirl. Now it's true you really do abuse me sometimes…' during-Use Me
  • 'I can't really see, but it's good too see y'all again!' before-Diner
  • 'Hangin' in the diner. Lord, I just love baskin' in the light' during-Diner
  • 'Hangin' in the diner… sittin' in the light of Miss Lee. She opened up early, help a poor hungry boy out. Oh, I hadn't seen you 'round these parts for 'bout, about ten months! He said, swear I felt like I came in this door yesterday. Oh, just look in your eyes… yesterday's coffee smells like sunshine. What we gonna do, what we gonna do? I come in here every morning. You're comin' here… in 5 months you'll wheel through town, what we gonna do, what we gonna do? Break this news, the cycle the spiral, up and down child. Break on through! I don't know, I don't know, I just need to look at your smile and everything's alright. Hangin' in the diner, sittin' in the light of Miss Lee. Hangin' in the diner, sittin' in the light… aww, don't even touch. The light, the light, the light, the light, an inkling. Hangin' in the light. Aww, turn it on! Turn it on!' during-Diner
  • 'Set me free. Child take down, set me free - let me loose' during-It Ain't No Use
  • 'I change my mind faster than I change channels. Faster than I change clothes. Go, stay, go, stay, go-go-go, stay, and go again. Don't know what I wanna do. You… Ahh. Ahhwww. Aww. I love ya, it hurts so much… Bring me, bring me, bring me. Take me where I need to go.' during-It Ain't No Use
  • 'Oh, the feeling of wonder. Some water's dryin' up. Some sinkin' down, down, down. Hatfield! I remember your mama. Aww, she was big, big, big... ornery, great ole… she used to wrap around the building. Out in our old neighborhood, all the children used to come over to Hatfield's mama's house… and plaaay. Eww, never had no. No, nothing but dreams - just day dreams and night dreams. The kind that you have when you wake yourself up laughing. One day we were playing outside when one these… sounds, comin' from there. It's Hatfield's mama, she was in the corner, in daddy's comfy chair. Lawd, lawd she was playin' like; Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Carlos Santana all on one little banjo string is what she did, there! Always created feelin'… feeeeelin'. There was a lotta magic in that family. Hatfield went on - learned to make rain. Aww, there wasn't no rain for weeks. Charlie, Charlie, I heard you could make it rain. I said, I can make it rain. Will you make it rain for L.A.? Rain for L.A., rain for L.A., rain for L.A., rain awwwwww, Hatfield! Ahh, Hatfield!'
  • 'Oh, baby I'll be over there. I just gotta fix my broken leg, and broken hand... and I'll be right there to you. Aww, lord, lord. Worry 'bout you.' during-Worry
  • 'Alright!' after-Climb To Safety
  • 'Alright, thank you very much for everything you've done for the children's tonight!' before-Papa's Home
  • 'Aww, even the kitty cat, she came out the tree. Aww, papa comin' home to me' during-Papa's Home
  • 'Goodnight. See you tomorrow night!' after-Travelin' Light

Show Review:

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12/31/12 Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC Stream | Download

1: Last Dance > Vacation > Last Dance, Ribs And Whiskey, Party At Your Mama's House > Stop Breakin' Down Blues, All Time Low > Rock

2: Disco, Greta > Love Tractor, Sell Sell > Machine > Barstools And Dreamers, Up All Night, Midnight Special

3: Pigeons, Time Is On My Side, Fishwater, Blue Indian, Ride Me High > Goin' Out West > Jack, Maggot Brain > Chilly Water, Ain't Life Grand

E: Driving Song > The Ballad of John and Yoko  > Happy Xmas (War Is Over) > Driving Song > Tall Boy

[Soundcheck: 'Vacation' with 'Last Dance' jam; 'Down On The Farm' tease during 'Ribs And Whiskey' and 'Stop Breakin' Down Blues'; 'Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)' tease during 'Stop Breakin' Down Blues'; 'Casa Del Grillo' tease before 'All Time Low'; 'Thela Hun Ginjeet' tease during 'All Time Low'; 'In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed' tease during 'Up All Night; 'Mind Left Body Jam' tease after 'Goin' Out West'; Only 'Midnight Special'; Only 'Time Is On My Side'; Only 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over)']
Notes: Official Photos by Ian Rawn, Andy Tennille, and Josh Timmermans | SOLD OUT: $70.00 Floor / $65.00 Reserved | Tickets-for-Charity: SOLD OUT | Doors: 7:00pm / Showtime: 9:00pm | A Food Drive Event | Pre-order Download/CD of the Show | Seating Capacity: 15,236 (includes 67 suites and 60 lodge boxes) | Time Warner Cable Arena Seating Chart

Something Special: 

  • Time Warner Arena has figured this crowd out this time around, and geting into the show is a breeze.
  • Sold Out Crowd and the folks at home listening via the Sirius/XM Jam_On stream
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of America Food & Fund Drive
  • The new circularvideo  backdrop has pics from Wood Tour on display… but coincidentally, the microphones on stage are pitched up high, and no seats are out - the boys are bringing the electric first set back.
  • No hat-tips to their musician buds - Vic Chesnutt, Bloodkin, or Jerry Joseph on tonight's setlist.
  • House Music: Prior to NYE - 'Eminence Front' > 'Tricky' > 'Smooth Criminal'; Post NYE - 'Auld Lang Syne' > 'Tequila'; Post Show Music: 'Theme from Greatest American Hero (Believe It or Not)';
  • NYE Countdown... 'HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM WIDESPREAD PANIC & CREW' over the backdrop. Auld Lang Syne and Happy New Year scrolling across the arena.... house music comes up - Tequila after the countdown.
  • Jaw dropping light show directed by Paul Hoffman, who's known for modeling his stage rig after objects (See "Pi" - (Orange Beach 2009), "Pagoda" - (Fall 2009), "Uterus" - (Spring & Summer 2010), "Fighter" - (Fall 2010), "Clamshell" - (Spring & Summer 2011) and "Wifi" - (Fall 2011)). Let's call this badboy "Stargate"...  its center consisting of Mirage Video Panels that displa , operated with his new GrandMA2 Console. Fog lights around the soundboard, Circle rigs behind the stage, moving yokes, and massive lighting truss over the floor... moon, fractals, eclipse, fullmetal alchemist transmutation circles, earth, alien intervention, Sunday Mornin Show sun, and so on.
  • Jimmy on PRS most of the night, Telecaster some later in the 2nd set
  • Jimmy's amp signal cuts out rigt before the big solo during 'Jack'. Guitar tech Joel Byron is at the ready to fix things up and finish out the song.
  • Of the 26 NYE celebrations in year's past, the band has only gone without special guests 6 times ('07, '98, '90, '89, '88, '86) and tonight they're going pure Panic, and three sets of electric!
  • Venue Capacity / Attendance / Type: 13,500 / (Sold-Out) / Arena
  • Previous Shows at Venue: 12/31/11
  • Number of Songs / Length - First Set: 7 / 58 minutes
  • Number of Songs / Length - Second Set: 8 / 56 minutes
  • Number Of Songs / Length - Third Set: 10 / 84 minutes
  • Number Of Songs / Length - Encore: 4 / 26 minutes
  • Total Number Of Songs / Cover / Originals: 29 / 10 / 19
  • Biggest Bustout: Maggot Brain, 25 shows
  • Debuts: Midnight Special, Time Is On My Side, Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
  • Average Song Vintage: 1995
  • Album Rundown: Space Wrangler: 2; Widespread Panic: 4; Ain't Life Grand: 3; Bombs & Butterflies: 2; 'Til The Medicine Takes: 3; Free Somehow: 1; Unreleased Originals: 4; Other People's Albums: 10
  • Longest LiveWidespreadPanic Track / Shortest LiveWidespreadPanic Track: Barstools And Dreamers 13:41 / Machine: 3:07
  • Audio: 12/31/12 Charlotte, NC
  • Stream: Panicstream.com
  • Poster:

  • 'Alright! Thanks for giving us our old jobs back!' before-Last Dance
  • 'You wake up in the morning, one more time the suns comin' up.' during-Last Dance'
  • 'Mountains looked like fun. Stared up to the sun' during-Vacation
  • 'Got in my little row boat I didn't have a care' during-Vacation
  • 'Monday morning. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. Monday morning. Wake up, wake up, wake up. Monday morning. No, no… it's time to go to work again. It's time. Aww, it's time. Monday morning, wake up, wake up, wake up. It's time to go to work. It's time to go!' during-Last Dance
  • 'Do your thing now. 'Cause I got something here in the seat my pocket, make you blow your mind… it'll be nice. If you don't be nice, baby just give me back my wig. Let your hair go bald, woman knock yourself out, breakin' down. I'll show you who's been breakin' down. Stuff gonna bust your brain out baby, make me lose my mind. Go, go, Jojo!' during-Stop Breakin' Down Blues
  • Them pretty women' they swarmin' all over me, stop... I been gettin' down. I been gettin' down. Lawd, gettin' down. Stuff here in my brain busted out, make you lose your mind' during-Stop Breakin' Down Blues
  • 'Time to go away… aw, aw, aw, aw, all time low. Lawd, child. Now you're at your daddy's house. All time, all time. Spend time. Aww, babe, Now we're doin' it anyway' during-All Time Low
  • 'Leg, tail and belly shoutin' in the window of the pool. Legs turn back, scattering the water of a pool' during-Rock
  • 'Dog ain't goin' back to his masters home, till her reach that hole over yonder' during-Rock
  • 'There go my belly, babe. Woo, child. A little fish stick, he don't wanna be. Lawd, piece by piece, speck by speck, sand in time, child' during-Rock
  • 'Thank you ladies and gents, we'll be right back' after-Rock
  • 'She's gonna make me feel. promise to make me feel' during-Love Tractor
  • 'Dad said, boy you're alright, child' during-Love Tractor 
  • 'I think we should always do that' after-Love Tractor
  • 'I say that's cool. It's a different kinda school' during-Barstools And Dreamers
  • 'She claims it's a bottle that she's born to be... Genie in a bottle' during-Barstools And Dreamers
  • 'Well baby won't cross what the baby thinks. No, the baby don't even think yet! Not the way we know. Not the way we know... not, not, not the way we know. Aww, most people. Been thinkin', talkin', talkin', think in words they already know. Painted that picture a hundred times before. Oh, the babies only know what the people feel. Catch it right, look in their eyes. Oh, it's like lookin' at the sky... eww. Really love, really love, really love, really love. Really don't care what the people think. Music doesn't know what the people think. Babies don't know, they just see the colors around, around, around, around. Only care what the people feel - feel. Fell' during-Barstools And Dreamers
  • 'This is the story of last night, and a thousand other nights' before-Up All Night
  • 'Sunrise in my sunset 'neath the Georgia sky... North Carolina, too! Oh, I been up all night. Been up all night' during-Up All Night
  • 'Jojo!' during-Midnight Special
  • 'Once again, we will be right back ladies and gentlemen' after-Midnight Special
  • 'Ohhhhh... wake up! Leave all your business lyin' there. Lawd, just like it never was. Wake up, wake up, wake up. Oh, there's only memory now, maybe a little future. Only, now, now. Well, wake up, wake up. Remember how to fly. Remember how to fly! Awwwwww...' during-Pigeons 
  • 'Brand new new year's eve song, right there!' after-Pigeons
  • 'Fourteen days, bring us back to New Orleans' during-Fishwater
  • 'More... just a little bit. If you got more than a little bit, I'll take that, too. More, mo, mo, mo, mo, mo, mo, I said. Yeah, child. The touch, the smell, fishwater. Mo, mo, mo, mo, more! More fishwater. Child, more fish stew! Make more lovin' on the beach, than all the pretty birdies do. More, mo, mo, mo, mo. Mo, mo, mo, mo. Mo, mo, mo, mo - ahah. Mooooooooore!' during-Fishwater
  • 'Where's my soup?!' after-Fishwater
  • 'Hat's off to you, to you, all of you' during-Blue Indian
  • 'A dip, so sweet like your honeycomb' during-Blue Indian
  • 'Slip to the bottom like a fresh skipped stone' during-Blue Indian
  • 'Called up to kick for the winning team' during-Jack
  • 'Chilly well, chilly water. Hey, chilly well, well water. Chilly well water. Oh, deep down. Moves, makes it hard... Lawd, have it, child. Water... water!' during-Chilly Water
  • 'Yeaaw!' after-Ain't Life Grand
  • 'I don't know, a gig a month is a pretty good formula!' before-Driving Song 

Show Review:

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