Trashy Lyrics

Lyrics and music by Danny Hutchens

I need to save some cash and buy a used old pickup truck
To drive me into town and try my luck
Even if she’s rusted through she’ll shake loose where I’m stuck
I’ll cross the cosmos once I buy a truck
My neighbor he’s been cooking methedrine
The vapors seem to make my beagles mean
Living here on this street every night is Halloween
My neighbor turns on all the trick-or-treaters with high voltage jellybeans

I’m telling you we’re trashy but we’re true
We all understand each other when we have the blues
Sometimes when we’re lowdown we’re levitating too
We’re the lucky ones, we’re trashy but we’re true
How ‘bout you?

Baby come on take a walk around my yard
I got some salvage tombstones and some crashed up cars
The weeds are tall back here ‘cause hey man cutting grass is hard
I like to take it easy in my yard
‘Cause my yard is a tribute to my past
You shoulda seen those cars when they hauled ass
And right beneath this driver’s seat I keep a little stash
Let’s do a big hit of that time travel boogie blast

Those politicians can’t fool
Country kids like me and you
So baby we should draw the shades
And spend a week or two
In bed til we remember
What we both already knew
We’re the lucky ones
Yes right here in my house are my guitars
They took me on the road we traveled far
Wild eyed love and getting high and trucks and cars and my guitars
That’s my recipe for life so far
And one man’s trash is another man’s roller coaster
Just like my 1972 Led Zeppelin black light poster
It fits right in my life ‘cause I’m a beat-up rock and roll ghoster
But right now baby let’s climb back up on that roller coaster

We’re the lucky ones, we’re trashy but we’re true
We’re the lucky ones, we’re trashy but we’re true
How ‘bout you?