King Baby Lyrics

(Widespread Panic)

Lyrics and music by Widespread Panic and Jerry Joseph
Transcribed by Alex Moura

Feed it
There's always time to feed it
Stuff it full of everything
Just give it what it needs ya

Salt and fat and chicken bones
Sugar, flour and the mead
Well all the children are going blind
Blinking babies watch the TV scream

Feed it
Always time to eat it
Look away next thing you know
It's swallowed half of Tokyo
Blood red eyes and indigo
Every bite just makes it grow

All the little babies going blind
Big baby watch the TV scream
You stop and blow your mind
They don't care they don't see your screams

King Baby
Ruler of the land
King Baby
Hold his little hand

Feed it
Only time to breed it
There's a radioactive dinosaur
We've all seen that film before
Earth splits wide into the core
Funky fried, Russian whores

Barnacles they king the crown
baby getting his baby crown
Where we hide we hear the hounds
Baby's red we burn them down

Ram, build and till the sand
Call me watch the TV scream
Stomp away and blow your mind
They don't care
They can't hear your scream
(Burn it down)

King Baby
Ruler of the land
Little baby
Hold his little hand

Hold his little hand
King Baby
Ruler of this land
He's a killer
Hold his little hand
Burn it burn it down