Jamais Vu Lyrics

(Widespread Panic)
Transcribed by: Alex Moura

Sunrise and mist whisper through my window
The world has changed
Some things we remember
Others they're gonna treat us strange
There's a crow circling high
Three hawks are peckin' in the park
All the babies stop their cryin'
There was none laughing at the morning star

We'll wait 'til tomorrow
Rubbin' our eyes
See that wasn't a dream
As time goes by get used to the news
Somewhere in between
The familiar just isn't
Even all the moons in the sky
Sunburned at Christmas
Snowing at the edge of July

Closing our eyes remember the places
Oh, the places we've been
Like old-timey memories
We can watch over and over again
That's where we can go to see each other again
I'll meet you there you can find me my friend
See you there find me find me
I'll meet you there my old friend

[Find me... old friend]